Amanda 3, Crocodile 0, Giraffe …..ooops

In keeping with my pledge to rid the Northern Territory of crocodiles, one delicious piece at a time, tonight’s dinner included crocodile onna stick. Very tasty it was too, with the satay dressing. Highly recommended!

There would be a photo *here* except my phone wont talk to my laptop tonight.

Today has been distinguished with more whinging – this time by the supervisors. Because – I walked around with a clipboard making notes. Add to this, the excitement when a part of a safety harness broke off.

scaffolding harness failure

Now I should clarify, this part of the harness isnt an integral part of the “safety” purpose of the harness but it could give the wearer a nasty… pinch…. if this part had snapped when he had been wearing it and relying upon it’s holding capacity and their effect on certain points on the body.

I contacted the company and the bit that snapped off has been known to snap off other harnesses. In the same batch, so much so that the Company rep was able to recite the batch number.

Also on the agenda was taking one of the boys to the Clinic as he had ignored some sandfly bites which had festered into tropical ulcers. I did feel bad for him because he had tried one of M_F’s favourite remedies (seawater) and the coral spores had managed to get it more infected.

This did afford the opportunity however to get through another two repeats of The Fluffy Avatar which means it now looks like this…

avatar in mohair

Only about another 10 repeats to go… and then the border…..

The other crochet effort to show you is the start of the blanky for Arcadia’s hatchling. This is the first 4 strips.. another 36 to go!

chrissy’s blnky strips

Now, as I like to show you funny pictures, and photos of instances of bad safety moments, and because I’m sure some of our readers are wondering about the mention of a  giraffe in the title….

Here you go…

giraffe hit by plane

Yes, that is a lump in it’s neck.

Thank Air Traffic Control for maintaining runway clearance on that one..

So .. after another long day,billing 11.5 hours and definitely deserving my crocodile onna stick (maybe Offler is the God who is pissed at me..)I shall try and finish Avatar 2.0.

Lots of hugs!


~ by SB&C on February 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Amanda 3, Crocodile 0, Giraffe …..ooops”

  1. How unfortunate, I am quite an animal enthusiast. My goal is to save the environment so one day humans and wildlife can live together and respect each other just as if we were all the same. I would also like to live in Africa one day too, I hope that becomes a reality. I just hope I don’t see any giraffes like that!!!

  2. youre sad!!

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