Footsteps on the road whilst searching for the Holy Grail

Hello to you wherever you are,

I’d like to tell you it’s raining (again) here in the Northern Territory. As it is raining, this is seriously curtailing my ability to go out amongst the boys and spread my Message of Peace, Love, Safety and Goodwill to all men except for a few. (Thats the extent of how much Goodwill I wish to spread, not the arc of my effectiveness).

So I’ll just share a few thoughts instead. Before I mention the Holy Grail…….

Firstly. I’m trying to remember if I mentioned that the transport people managed to leave Green Car with an almighty Owwwie. If I didn’t, well… Yes… the Transport people left Green Car with damage to the Aft roof rack, either side of the roof and knocked the trimming off into the bargain.

The give-away that they had done it was the streak of blue paint on the roof rack. You didn’t need to have any kind of forensic qualifications when I drove him into the Transport yard and there was a large transporter sitting there… Guess what colour it was?

Anyway… I realised that I still had not heard from the Smash repairers who billed me $90 for the quote and promised to email me said quote by Friday. Of last week.

So I googled them. And called them… and received the quote.

They didnt have much explanation for why they hadn’t sent it through…so I had the opportunity to be remarkably polite at them.

I have forwarded it to the Transporters.. with a smile 🙂 in both directions as I’m not paying for the ING damages!!!

Secondly… In keeping with the never ending opportunities to do my nahnah (phonetically spelt for clarification) with people who can’t follow rules. “It’s not fair that [this person] got caught rolling through a Stop Sign” because… well… I “should have told them that the Client has decided to start enforcing road rules”.

Yeah. He’s one of our “less brightest sparks in our Fireworks packet” types.

Thirdly. And this is a stunning example of brillance from the Client’s Contract Manager. I was talking on the Desk phone when I noticed that there was a call waiting for me. I was discussing an important issue (the Stop Sign) and so I let the call go through to voice mail.

My mobile rang… it was the same person who was trying to call me on the Desk phone, to tell me the important news that someone had gone through a Stop Sign and that they had tried to call me on the Desk phone but it was engaged so they called my mobile instead.

Anyone else spot the problem?

Just as a small point, as opposed to the rain that has been ooching down all day, it’s now PISSING down.

Oh, Goody.

Other people I have thanked today: Bead Street. The Bead people who fished out the beads for the Planet Earth Medallion. They are also going to be the recipients of the Medallion as a display of Crocheting with Wire & Beads.

Fourthly, and this is the bit that other Crocheters can read and weep….

My hunter/killer/stalker instincts have maintained their keen edge (despite being here in a wettish Aluminiumumum flavoured Hell) and like a lioness in her National Geographic Channel prime, I have brought down the ULTIMATE prize.

Yes, my Friends, I have bought that which is the Holy Grail of Crocheters.

Especially if you’re in Australia and Annie’s Attic won’t mail it to you :

I have bought

on eBAY

(Right now, Mother_figure is having conniptions!)


annies attic rose window pattern

Yes – It is the Annie’s Attic Cathedral Rose Window Crochet Pattern.

And hello to the Girls at Tapestry Craft who have helped me out with the yarn for it…

Just because I dont have enough in my life 🙂

M_F is going to ask me what I’ll do with it when it’s finished. No idea. Will cross that one when we get to it.

And from what I can gather – this is the pattern that WILL drive you insane.

Ok.. more…

Tonight I am hoping to finish The Mohair Avatar Afghan , so as to have something spectacular to show you tomorrow!

And in keeping with that I have updated The Avatar Afghan Page so as to allow Kris some moments of Glory. (And I know I owe you 500 emails!!!)

Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on February 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Footsteps on the road whilst searching for the Holy Grail”

  1. I can not wait to see your progress on the Holy Grail!!!!! I have seen that pattern on Annie’s Attic and have admired it, but not even contemplated making it yet – maybe one day.

    Kris – your Avatar Afghan looks GREAT!!!! Now I want to make another one in a different color!

  2. by golly she has not forgotten me! go figure!!!!

    thanks elaine – itching to make another on.

    more rain are you complaing? would you like some snow? there is some here i can share and mroe on the way tomorrow – which might not be a bad thing since hubby is expecting company (unwanted by me and the girls)

    oh and if you wanted that pattern you could have asked! i would have mailed it to you! DUH!!!!!!

    love you

  3. Bravo on the pattern choices…the Rose Window seems to have many color changes, perhaps that is the crazy-making part? Glad Green Car has a nice blue clue on it LOL. Also, do your TBG living quarters now have a more rain resistant sill or nice sand bags?

  4. Any chance I can buy or beg a copy of the catherdral window off you.

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