Aromatherapy for Construction Workers

This is only me musing at present but it’s something I’ve noticed over the last two days.

I have three perfumes I like to wear, depending on what I’m doing.

Day Time Work : arden green tea  Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. Love this. It’s clean, it’s fresh and in uniform in the tropics (and now in my disguise as Safety Orange – bite me, Snow White!) it worked.

Day Time, going out : Tresor tresor. I love Tresor. It lasts on my skin and it’s not overpowering.

Nighttime. Shalimar.


Beyond a doubt, my favouritest. It smells somewhere between baby powder and that translucent Pears soap.

I tried wearing a Le Reve (and I’m sorry but I don’t like those perfume parties where the desperate hostess couldnt escape hosting and you feel you have to buy *something* to be allowed out the door) version of a CK  up here for a while but I’m not mad on it.


I wore the Shalimar out on Wednesday night ( for the Crocodile onna stick) and, yesterday,  it was still (despite the shower) in my hair… and the boys were sniffing me.

I’ve tried it again this morning. And all the boys are very *different*.

I think it’s the smell. 

Baby powder. Non-threatening.

Rather than a more “sexy” perfume.

It’s a comforting scent, mummyish rather than female telling them what to do.

I dont know… but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Under the heading of “try”…. The  Mohair Avatar Afghan body was completed last night (whilst watching the recent version of Mansfield Park) and I’m now into the border.  I’m trying something a bit different, using a mauve mohair (Romance by Lincraft – see have used up 8 balls of yarn on one afghan) and some raised stitchwork borrowed from the Patricia Kristoffersen Doily.

We’ll give it a go!


~ by SB&C on February 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Aromatherapy for Construction Workers”

  1. Fascinating aromatherapy info. A perfume by the name of “Shalimar” (just going by the name alone, you see) ought not to evoke Mummy, but very interesting that reactions were different! Evidently in a good way?

    Apparently the sense of smell is closely linked to the emotional “primitive” (older} part of our brain, so that we cannot help our gut reactions to certain smells. For good or for bad.

    You may be on to something here…

  2. I tried sending a msg earlier today from work but our nannny server obviously wouldn’et let me through. All I wanted to say was that I was going to a wool shop tomorrow (eek, it’s contagious) to buy the makings of an eeyore and that the image of that poor baby giraffle will haunt me for days! You should publish a warning on your blog that some animals were harmed in the making of…..
    Mummy smelling perfume might solve all the world’s problems created by men!
    Hi to everyone

  3. hi manda
    hi mf nice to hear from you again! you are going wool shopping”? for who? you? manda? (are you enabling her) me????? hehehehe
    manda we are getting another 10 inches tonight should i box some and send it your way? haha
    you should know all about aromatherapy – look what it did to you and still does.
    nice you see you posting regualarly again! hopefully an email soon? yeah right!
    love you anyways

  4. ‘Mummy smelling’ is perfect for Shalimar, beguiling-sweet, baby powder safe/secure, luxruious, the rustle of silk. It makes me smile and smile; the thought of gently-confused miners stunned into submission by Shalimar. I hope is continues to work 🙂

    Yes, the baby-giraffe pix rather did me in, I could only hope it died quickly.

  5. I popped on over here to your blog after you sent me the link, expecting to find the usual knit and crochet talk (always interesting to me, but a bit of the same ol’ same ol’, of course) and instead found a small window into your fascinating life. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you living and working there. Safety boots and crochet indeed. And breathalizer tests, downed giraffes, perfume experiments … wow! What an adventure!

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