I can see clearly now – the rain has gone

Dateline Sunday,  pm : IT’S NOT RAINING. For the first time in two weeks… it’s not raining.

Today has been a long day, testified to especially by our Sunrise photo!

Sunrise 2 March

Yes – for a change I was able to get a photo at Sunrise… and despite those ominous looking clouds, it was a reasonably nice day. Also under the heading of “for a change” I was organised enough to take shots as I went round spreading my message of Peace, Love, Safety and Goodwill to all men.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach them:

elevated work platform

You’d think they were doing it just to get away from me:

persons working in man cage

But anyway.. we lived through it and I finished early today, leaving at 1500 which gave me a chance to..

do my washing.

Ok.. yes… crochet…

Despite all efforts to the contrary, I have not yet finished the Baby’s Jacket for Sydney Royal which is ok… I still have two more day, as M_F called to remind me.
What I can show you however, is this:

mohair afghan

Ok – it also looks like this..

avatar in mohair

and like this:

avatar afghan version 2

Yes – thats right, The Mohair Avatar Afghan (which also has a couple of Irish Roses) is done!! Though a little bit of me is saying that it needs more roses… and leaves….

So, tomorrow I will do something about  blocking the edges a bit and finish the Jacket which is currently on row 14 of 27.

But it’s late now so I am definitely going to shut down the computer and try to get some sleep….

Love to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on March 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “I can see clearly now – the rain has gone”

  1. absolutly love the new avatar! of course my favorite color helps it along! but looks like you did a different edge? care to share? although i still like the lumpy bumps of the first one! row 14 of 27 on the jacket – that should be a breeze for you. good luck – hope you got some good sleep!

  2. I love the new avatar afghan! The different color border really makes it stand out! And yay for a day without rain! Beautiful sunrise!

  3. Huzzah for sunrises! I love the gritty grainy look of TBG, it seems much more red than the others. I love the hugeness of the projects. Thank you for the photos. Avator is stunning – a cloud of softness. Hmm…more roses, however perhaps after the showing.

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