Can’t Talk – Yarn Buzz!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2008 entries are due in on Friday. M_F has a date with a courier tomorrow. I really couldn’t enter the shows without the parentals (especially M_F) doing more than their share of transporting!

The important fact to be aware of is : I have been known to be still finishing an entry when standing in the queue (Darwin 2006) so finishing on the Tuesday night before hand, is actually quite remarkable.

What did I finish?, I’m sure you’re asking yourselves.

And some of you may recall, I mentioned a baby jacket that was on Row 12 of (my estimate) 27.

Small issue.

I toaded it. I was very unenthralled with it. It was in a yellow and yellow /blue varigated baby yarn that just didn’t jazz me AT ALL.

I don’t like acrylic. This was ordinary baby acrylic and I just wasn’t hearing the “hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm” of a happy WIP.

On top of this, the last few weeks have been a bit of a down period. I am trying to maintain my gratitude to the world but we’re having some unique moments.

Harvey Norman – the big company, you may remember, tried to kill my poor Laptop at Christmas agreed to refund me half the repair costs. The cheque arrived today. Made out to the repairers.

Called them. Was polite at them.

Telstra. For some reason nobody could get onto Bigpond yesterday here in TB G….

So by this time this morning:

Sunrise 4 March

I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms.  I have to confess that I went shopping on Etsy over the weekend (hi to the sellers that I pestered!!!)

And I have a few things queued up to bid on eBay  ( I use Bidnapper – please click on the name in the sidebar to find out what it’s all about!) which, when I got a chance this morning to pay for them, my Credit Card Fraud people actually called me to see if my card had been stolen, or if I had been possessed by the devil….

Anyway – in between hating Telstra and a general *blug* feeling, I shopped the Stash.

I was looking for inspiration as I spoke with a friend on the phone – and I apologise for accidentally hanging up on them as I abseiled up my wardrobe shelves whilst talking with the mobile wedged between my ear and shoulder.

Safety – it’s me!

I wanted something really “natural” . I looked hard at the Bamboo yarn I have – but it’s a steel blue/gray and khaki which doesnt leap out and say “baby” to me. I was very keen on the ecru #5 cotton – the DMC I loved when making Alyssa’s shawl but still not humming.

Then I found, behind one of the Guide Dog money boxes (I’ve filled one Dog already – the cleaners put the coins that they find when people vacate rooms), more of the Pink version of the Peach 100% Merino Soft and a skein of the hand-dyed pink/peach/mandarin yarn I used at Christmas time to make the little top that won a First at Canberra.

me crocheting at christmas See – me Crocheting in between opening gifts. I have the skein round my neck and it works quite well if I “unpeel” it as I go.

A faint bell went off…

And I had.. An Idea.

Ok – I’ll stop teasing you all now… The Baby Jacket is finished!!!

baby jacket in wool

This baby sweater took 8 hours total (though it would be faster next time as I know what to do) and I used 50gms of the Pink 100% Merinosoft and about 50gms of the handdyed Merino/tussah silk blend.

If I was doing it again – I would use a size largerhook as the tension (and maybe I need to rethink my claim that I am a “loose” hooker)to avoid the quite stiff fabric I’ve created.

I’ve used single crochets, half doubles, doubles,trebles and double trebles.

The bottom section and the cuffs are done in the “flying wedges” stitch I learnt from the Patricia Kooler Encyclopedia

detailsand I think it makes a  nice pattern in the varigated yarn.

I have an idea about doing this as a Jacket, Dress , Booties, Hat and Blankie set, using the wedges to decorate the border.

ANyway – it’s late and I am tired… still buzzy from the thrill of having finished something!!!

Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on March 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Can’t Talk – Yarn Buzz!”

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. […]… more of the Pink version of the Peach 100% Merino Soft and a skein of the hand-dyed pink/peach/mandarin yarn I used at Christmas time to make the little top that won a First at Canberra. See – me Crocheting in between opening gifts. … […]

  3. oh manda i love the baby jacket! the colors are gorgous. i finished a couple myself but not as nice as yours thats for sure. they should be up on the ville in a couple of days. so whats got you down theses days? i think you are sending some of your rain our way – we are due for 6 days of rain – lovely – and with all the melting snow – floods!
    keep your chin up
    talk to you soon

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