Dried Figs, Foxtel and the Flu.

I wish I could tell you I was better after two days in bed… Sorry Kris… and everyone… I’m still down.

Temperature still there, cough is impressive and I’m still way too pale for anyone’s taste. I was told to stay where I was, and I have remained there… obedient to command.

So I’ve spent the day in bed, phone turned off, and occaisionally marvelling over the stunning SCHTOOPIDITY of Foxtel. We only have a few channels (paid for by the Client) and I have to say that Discovery Channel’s fetish for programs where a dysfunctional group of people are doing something to a motorvehicle or bike gets mindnumbing after a while.

Not to mention the flagrant safety issues. Lets talk about the guy in the spray boot without the respirator, or safety glasses. The idiots welding without eye protection.

In between guffaws, sneezes and naps, I have crocheted a little and so have some progress to show you on Arcadia’s Hatchling’s Stripghan.

a stripghan

And it’s going to be a fun job – sewing it all together! As previously mentioned, I am trying to make the roses all different so it’s more fun for a little girl.  And Arcadia – it’s ok – I have done more strips than I’ve shown!

For those who like to know, it’s a plain 8ply superwash wool from Lincraft. It does run very nicely off the hook and I’m using a 5mm hook and I’m actually quite irrationally in love with it. It’s aluminium but it’s got some weight behind it….

But I can only do a little in between feeling like crap.

As a small bright spot, (warning: Yarnporn!) a package of 9 balls of a grape Mohair arrived… and I couldn’t resist…

geisha mohair 9 balls

Yes, Avatar III!

Otherwise… thank you all for your concerns (and also for the emails), I have been eating properly, and snacking on dried figs, dried strawberries (yes really!) and have drunk two 1litre bottles of water. I will shortly get up and go across for dinner but that will take some enthusiasm which I just don’t have yet…..

It’s pouring outside:

outside leftthat’s one way… outside the other waythat’s the other.

So – time for me to go back to bed….

I would hug you but I don’t want to give you this lurgy!

Bye for now!


~ by SB&C on March 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Dried Figs, Foxtel and the Flu.”

  1. Well that does all explain why you have been so quiet! Of course I trust you that the hatchling’s strip-thingy is bigger than three strips 🙂 I knows you. I curls up under the patchwork wonder. Yay! Hugs and positive thoughts…. Arc.

  2. uggg – must be driving you crazy still being down. i hope you are better soon.
    arcadias scrapghan is looking lovely and avatar 111 – ooooo there is just no words for that beauty!!!!
    get better soon! (thanks for letting me know)
    i’ll send hugs to you
    hugs and more hugs

  3. That is beautiful yarn!!! I can’t wait to see it as Avatar III! Gorgeous! I hope you start feeling better soon!!

  4. I tagged you!


  5. I send best energy for your return to up-and-at-em health. My goodness, what are the fellas going to do without drifts of Shalimar to pull them to their safety-senses!! The scrapgham is most delightful, I can only imagine the butterfly and fairy bits. The pile of purple mohair simply glistens. Hmm, can those doorways be sandbagged? I see the water pooling up. Feel better and stronger soon.

  6. Dried figs and dried strawberries are very good – and of course you’re taking olive leaf, manuka honey, garlic and zinc, hmmm! Will it cheer you up to know that there is now a spinning wheel in your room, and some gorgeous random rainbow greeney wool/silk as well. All followed me back from Sydney yesterday.

    Remember, a la Ogden Nash, when Manda is schnuffly, she’s perfectly luffley!

    Shake the flu soon

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