Yarnporn – Look and Drool!

In the spirit of being grateful for everything – I am grateful that the mailman came and delivered me a wonderful wonderful package – hot from the United States!

Warning Warning Warning Warning

*****EXPLICIT IMAGES*********

stash up yarn

Oh yes…….Hand dyed sock yarn from StashUp Yarn, courtesy of Etsy!

stash up meer glas yarn

*hamster dance* Thank you Nina! It’s marshmellow soft, and smells of lavender!

guide dog sock yarn

Getting kinky with my Guide Dog…

And even better – the Holy Grail arrived (See – Indiana Jones could have saved himself a lot of grief – post those icons to yourself, then other people can’t steal them…)

annies attic rose window pattern arrived

And having read through it – I need to photocopy it and make it into something that my dyslexia can deal with. The trouble is that the pattern is written in a solid BLOCK of text which needs to be broken up a bit…

In between coughing…. and working on Avatar III, I got tagged by Elaine (thank you!) so I am answering her tag…

Second of all – I’m posting the rules….

1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself
4. Name 7 of your favorite weblogs
5. Send an e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged.
3. Seven things about me…
a. I believe in being nice to Security Guards, you never know when you are going to need them to help you.
b. I’ve had plastic surgery. I had an over-enthusiastic bosom (seriously, I could have fallen over face first and my nose would have not been in any danger of hitting the ground) and after four hours worth of surgery, I now am a Bcup rather than the overemphatic DD I used to be. Highly recommended.
c. I have this idiot savant habit of being able to quote movies and do so at the drop of a hat.
d. I have accepted that Depression is something I will be battling with forever but having people around to help me not take my life too seriously is part of the cure (hugs to all of you!).
e. I believe that positive thinking and visualising what you want to achieve is the best way to help you realise your goals.
I didn’t until I read The Secret – I try not to sound too fanatical about it, but the book is worth reading.
f. I find it hard to forgive liars.
g. As much as I want to travel and visit exotic places – I find it hard to leave my room sometimes…
4. My favourite blogs are (though I don’t have seven):
Saving Argus (a story that will make you cry) YOU MUST READ FROM THE START.
Fuglyhorseoftheday – everything that is wrong with horse breeding.
Yarnharlot – everyone loves Stephanie!
whatnottocrochet – yes.. well… 🙂
Elaine’s Cats n Hooks
and Meredith’s Charcoal Tail – showing off her drawings.
I am so pleased Mer has taken the opportunity to show her work to people!.
and I have emailed people….
I am feeling a bit better. I have been hitting the combination of willowbark, echinacea, olive leaf, Nurofen and mushroom soup pretty hard but there’s still the feeling that the temperature would kick back up if I do too much…
On the crochet front –
avatar III is in purple mohair
Avatar III has continued and to answer an email (or two) question, today I pulled out an old friend:
The Christening Gown is still a WIP
Shown here with a AAA battery as scale. Yes, it’s the Laceweight Merino Christening Gown.
I did the maths and the Gown has now covered over 15,000km withoutbeing anything like finished!
So that’s it for me for today, thank you so much for all your comments!
Catch you tomorrow!

~ by SB&C on March 11, 2008.

18 Responses to “Yarnporn – Look and Drool!”

  1. Hey Manda – I was just on c’ville and saw that there is a CAL for the Cathedral Window pattern – http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9081.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Manda all your stuff looks great I was hoping to see a package from Canada there 😦 I give up lol I think it’s too late to claim it as lost,

    take care

  3. well i can see by your post that you are feeling slightly better! hubby is home sick today – thats something for “mr. i don’t call in sick” hoping he keeps his germs to himself. i don’t want this nasty flu bug that you both have!

    i was wondering about the christening gown the other day?! i too may have the pleasure of making one of them. may have to attack your stach for some of the laceweight! hehe
    avatar III is coming along love the color – what is the border going to be like on this one?
    off to get miss mia her lunch –
    i thought you got a package from canadian barb, no?
    talk soon
    hugs and more hugs
    gfvzbbbbbbbbnnnmmmmmmmm,.qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq (thats to auntie manda!)

  4. My goodness, Argus lives fairly close to me. There ARE animals up here that are not treated well; I’ve called SCPCA a couple of times on stuff I’ve seen…I’m never quite sure what I’m seeing, but I call anyway. I will definitely look into supporting CHANGE. Pls do continue to take care of the flu effects. Avatar III is stunning.

  5. Hi Canadian Barb!!!!

    Your package is still in Darwin (the old TB1) with my former next door neighbour!!!


  6. I hope they don’t expect me to pay then rent money O.O

  7. Hey Manda I have never used fine yarn, I know I know..don’t lecture me on the evil of acrylics, can I use the yarn like you are using in your avatar afghan on pretty much any afghan?

    I am allergic to wool is the only problem 😦

  8. Barb – I think we’re ok!!

    Avatar Yarn – You can use pretty much anything! I wouldn’t use an overly “chunky” yarn , Homespun might be pushing it but it could work in chenille. I just love mohair and the Esslinger Geisha was $15 on eBay so it was perfect.

    Barbara… How far away from you is Argus????

    Kris – I havent thought about a border yet…… And hugs to the girls!!

    AND EVERYONE has to look at Elaine’s ABC blanket!!

  9. where do I find the abc blanket?

  10. you can find it here!


  11. re: Argus…from what the site says, he must live on a farm in or near the town of Calistoga. I live in the east side of Santa Rosa, very near the road that one takes to get to Calistoga – about 20 minutes up over and through the hills to that town. Although I do not know where in Penngrove he lived-in-Hell before (that has got to be the name of the town…or Cotati), I am going to find out and put in complaints about the horses left on that property.

  12. Elaine your ABC afghan is gorgeous, beautiful work 🙂

  13. Well Manda you have sucked me into your sick addiction, yes I am going to one of those fancy yarn shops today where you need a formal ball gown just to get in the door. I dug out my prom dress and gloves, I have never bought fine yarns in fact know noting about them, but after seeing the pic of you clutching the beautiful yarns, something happened to me, something that is drawing me into spending more on yarn than on a new car.

    I know nothing of fine yarns so I will not be surprised if when they total my purchases I have to barter my prom gown to pay.

    So if you hear on the world news that a woman is naked clutching skeins of yarn with a stupid grin, you can say you knew me when…

    I’ll let you know how I make out, if I can still afford the internet. O.O

  14. Well I went in, was sat in a chair, handed a hook and a skein of alpaca silk sock yarn, I was hooked by my third chain, and now consider myself a yarn snob..I bought 6 skeins of the alpaca silk blend in ecru…it hardly cost anything

    husband for sale take over paymeents..

  15. You know whats truly wonderful about sock yarn?

    (come closer – I’ll tell you!) YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE SOCKS!!!

    it’s a beautiful fine weight of yarn that comes in gorgeous colourways, and even better: ALPACA, SILK, ANGORA and CASHMERE.

    Sock yarn makes GORGEOUS children’s wear….

  16. Elaine – ANYTHING you can do to help Argus – and ESPECIALLY, his sister will earn you Angel status!!!!

  17. I have started a baby dress in the silk alpaca I am in my happy place right now :0)) remember I was a fine yarn virgin until today..I feel like listening to love songs on the radio for some reason

  18. so this sock yarn….good for childrens wear…..even in the summer heat and humidity? or more for warmer wear? kassie is after me to make her a halter top and well the acrylic is just to much to wear in the summer.

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