In which I did a lot without achieving much

The biggest tell that my work day tends to get driven by circumstances rather than according to a carfully organised scheduled plan was my notebook annotation for today:

notebook for today


I tried to achieve much – I started off with Good Intentions

a flower

I took this picture of this flower because its one of the very few examples of organic life amongst the steel – see :

a pam

but the level that the universe went to today to get me… was Impressive.

I went into the tiny township of TB G to buy cough syrup (Robitussin ME Forte – tastes like crap, doesn’t seem to be helping) and was asked if I could assist Kevin the Concreter with a small problem he had. His “good” shoes had died and he wanted a pair of leather sandals (as opposed to the common garden variety rubber flip-flops) to wear in the better club’s dining room. Armed with the nice feeling of being helpful, I found two kinds of leather sandal (one black, one brown Nubuck) the correct size in stock (9 1/2)  and then left a message on his phone asking him for a preference – to the amusement of the women serving.

During the interval it took Kev the Concreter to call me back with his choice (the Brown Nubuck – definitely the better option)  I did some shopping…the significance of this interval is not so much to report that I bought peppermints and new socks but…

In that 10 minutes… the store managed to *lose* the Right Brown Nubuck Size 9 1/2 sandal.

And yes – the ONLY one in captivity in possibly the Northern Territory, but in the very least – our corner of it.

There is a kind of mad disbelief – you know the damn thing can’t have upped and grown legs but…. not a skerrick to be seen!

Yah. Only I could go shopping and have disaster strike in such a ultra trendy fashion.

However I survived long enough to make it home… and I was settling down to play with some sock yarn when there was a knock on my door.

I could guess who the knocker was, the knock came from pretty low down….

Remember our friend, the Small Elderly Man?


In true Tom Kitten fashion – he had popped a button on his trousers and he surmised that I *might*, just *might* have a needle and thread that he could use for reattaching said button.


There – that’s Ian using Safety Orange coloured thread. About two seconds after I snapped the photo – I took pity on him and sewed the button on for him myself.

And that brings us to almost now… and it’s time for me to go to bed!

I am very touched to hear how much you liked my thoughts on how Women can help themselves in the real world! I will try and consolidate a part 2 shortly.

Oooh – before I forget, there’s been a few people ask me for the pattern for Alyssa’s shawl

shawl getting there and I am working on the rest of the instructions for you.

Hugs  to everyone!!!


~ by SB&C on March 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “In which I did a lot without achieving much”

  1. another day in the life of manda – and no you are not the only one that could happen to – it happens to me all the time. but most of the time its something in my house that grows legs and gets up and walks away.
    glad to have you back!

  2. OH, thank you for the pattern!!! That shawl is SO VERY lovely, and I LOVE to have warmies like that.

    I giggled at your friday list – it looks like my lists most days … see X# day(s) before!!

  3. What a terrific steel pix…will become my latest desktop pix. I haven’t thought of Tom Kitten in too long, will get the books out and read tonight 🙂 Thank you.

  4. This sounds like my days. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Is there a pic of the shawl on your blog somewhere?

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