What goes up, hopefully does NOT come down!

When you’re the one doing the risk assessment on everything that can go wrong during an evolution (I’ve just about taught them that word – they may thank me. I’ll thank Shakespeare for that reference) it’s really scary to standing watching said evolution take place.

On top of the platform in yesterday’s picture, we have to place a 15 tonne Filtration Tank. The tank arrived today.

15 tonnes.

Has to be lifted about 80ft up and mounted in place.

Second step (first was getting it off the barge – I didn’t see that) was getting it into an upright position to attach to other modules to it.

tank being lifted

Yep…. that was a long hour.

To take my mind off the list of disasters that could strike.. I put up signs…

It was a mistake to give a Trades Assistant my camera to hold.

puttng up signs

However, later my camera and I went on a bit of a field trip.. and I can’t tell you how nice it was to have had a photo taking opportunity

dramatic tree and red dirt

I have enough for a couple of days!


I am home now, having for the first time in a long time acheived peace with not only the Management and the workers… but also the supervisors finished the day still talking to me, and not swearing at me.

Our crochet for tonight is for Avatar III and Chrissie’s Scrapghan! Plus the finishing of the pattern for Alyssa’s Shawl

The finished shawl for Alyssa <—– Which looked like this

Hugs and Good night!


~ by SB&C on March 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “What goes up, hopefully does NOT come down!”

  1. Those are just gorgeous photos. Must be breathtaking to see it all first hand. Love the shawl. Very Nice!

  2. finally a good day! yeah!
    can’t wait to see updated pictures of avatarIII.
    some ole here!
    talk soon

  3. So glad you are feeling better. Yeah! Terrific photos, glad the craning and tank lift went well. The path to the bay (or pond) looks as if were made by a giant something. Delightful shawl too.

  4. I’m an accidental tourist here.. having never taken in yarn porn!! The site has me riveted and in cross-stitches. Really terrific.

  5. I’m an accidental tourist here.. This is genuine entertainment- riveting.. as well leaving me in quite the cross-stitch. Congrats on a great blog!

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