Don’t blink…

or you end up three days down the track!

Here’s this morning!

sunrise march 19Yes – It’s Wednesday and I don’t know where Sunday, Monday or Tuesday went. Or today either.

In the plus column, we have the fact that the Tank did go up…

a tank goes up And you can see it up on the left hand side of this morning’s picture…

I’m working on a baby jacket for Darwin Show,

feathersoft jacketIt’s an old WIP that I started ages ago. In Cream Patons Feathersoft I forgot how quickly this yarn works. For those who like to know – this is my basic “top” recipe , where you chain and divide it into 5 sections……

Anyway –  no body has actually died and the news from Sydney Royal Easter Show came in today!!!

The Angel received A Highly Commended at Sydney Royal! I wish I could get down at see what the displays look like – so I can get an idea of what else wins!!

In the less fun column: Four of my guys did some bad things in the Golf club yesterday

TB Gs Golf courseThat’s TB G’s Golf course.

and so  I spent a fair whack of time speaking with the police today. Explaining why they rolled a golf buggy, stole hundreds of golf balls and smashed two pool cues.

We’ve also had one sprained ankle, courtesy of a backpack on the floor in the training room. I told the trainer that he can do the investigation.

In the damn funny column.  I spent all day yesterday inducting 17 people, who, fortunately, have a great sense of humour and only reminded me of my ultimate double entendre “Respect the hooters!” about 6 times… and heckled me when I went  for nuclear level blushes at intervals throughout the day.

And – if you ever want to prove to people that you are an active part of a workplace and get things done… I have a new piece of advice for you:

Order a piece of heavy machinery!

I was asked today to sort out the car park – it’s full of  pot holes. And as I’m a female – I’m no good at my job….

However, it was a beautiful thing.    A 22tonne grader sitting in the carpark with a guy named “Bluey” looking for me….

In terms of beautiful things – another shot from our visit to the red ponds:

more red rocks

And here is Avatar III now on Repeat 20 of 63….

Avatar in purple geisha

Hugs to you all 🙂


~ by SB&C on March 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Don’t blink…”

  1. your pictures never cease to amaze me! is there anything you can’t take a picture of? WOW!
    avatar and baby jacket are looking, in mias words, awesome.
    congrats on the angel. wonder what else won?
    off to school.

  2. The Avatar Afghan looks great! I am going to start another one for my grandma soon! Beautiful pics!!

  3. I have permanent sunrise as I used the sunrise shot for a background on my desktop. Order heavy machinery – check! Afghan is scrumptious.

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