Why Throwing Apple Cores is Dangerous.

After some very long days, a massive amount of root cause analysis, I have decided that throwing
Apple cores, whilst it may sound innocuous, is actually very dangerous.

apple core And Dangerous Apples – is also very in keeping with the whole Safety Orange / Snow White persona thing I have going, so we’ll take it from there.


Ok… the story of the last few days is that my company has managed to set a new record in number of incidents (9) that you can incur in a short space of time (6 days).

We’ve had some doozies. And I got to 3pm and almost thought I could draw breath…. and Hey presto.. someone drank water from their water bottle.

Not so terrible, you may thnk.

The sub-text is that the waterbottle with it’s white cap/cup lid thing, had been sitting under a pipe leaking caustic soda.

Yep… you’re there, arent you?

Give you a hint:  it didn’t taste like strawberries.

And I have another incident to deal with and a worker with bright red clown lips.

And another root cause analysis to do.

We had just spent two hours working out the chain of events that led to one young Electrician getting a massive ZZZZAP.

In some ways I was glad that it was him who got the ZZZAP… not because I don’t like him (not true – he’s about 12 years younger than me  and he gave me a foot massage at my birthday party. And that’s not as exciting as it sounds!)  But because had the ZZZZAP bitten one of our older, thicker-through-the-middle gentlemen… they may have come off decidedly second best.

At least when Chris got the ZZZZZIZZZZAP he knew what to do.      But as Safety Orange (to the rescue! able to leap witches hats in a single bound) I have to work out WHY he got got. And that is Root Cause Analysis at it’s best.

Let’s walk through a summarized version:

Q. Why did he get the Zap?

A. The back of the fridge was live.

Q. Why was the back of the fridge live?

A. Because the power cord was frayed through.

Q. Why did no one notice the cord was frayed?

A. Because the appliances in the room are about a year out from their test & tag date.

Q. Why did the RCD unit (that automatically cuts the power) not trip out and prevent the Zap?

A. Because it was defective. (See previous answer)

But there’s something else to add….

Q. Why was he touching the back of the fridge?

A. Because he lobbed his apple core at the bin (next to the fridge) and the core fell behind the fridge and being the conscientious young lad he is, he tried to fish it out.


So… here’s the million dollar question, what is the one action I can take to rectify the whole situation???

Either ban apples from site (and have them eat strawberries instead) or , less draconian, teach him how to throw accurately.

As – throwing apple cores can be a DANGEROUS activity.

Almost as bad as falling asleep with crochet hooks.  Ask me how I know this.
Which, yes, I did last night. I have fallen MADLY in love with the sock yarn I bought on etsy (which Barb has also indulged – Barb… BARB!!! Are you… ok?????) and Yes , Kris, the tencel would be a perfect weight for making a top. Though Sock yarn also comes in cotton………..

I will show you once I finish charging the camera batteries!!!!

The picture I do have for you – is one that made me do a double take on the pipe racks:

nip points

I spend a fair amount of time doing posters to provoke “safe” thoughts.


See if you can guess what sort of thoughts they’re having now.

If you’re wondering, we were concerned about “Nip points”…..someone has been busy with the white Paint marker… and a black texta.

And as our final safety message  for the evening (following on from proper Apple core throwing techniques, not sleeping with crochet hooks and being wary of nipples)  I’d like to tell you about safe Mobile Phone usage:

nokia skins

This happy character is Phil. He was very keen to show me how big he is on safe Phone sex.

I know I tell people to always use condoms… but….. ok…. Thanks Nokia!

So that’s me done.. yes.. I still have a bit of a cough.. and we’re knocking over some longish days but… I’ll be going home in a week….

And working on Plan Woolly!!

Love to you all!

And a hello to our new voices!!


~ by SB&C on March 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Why Throwing Apple Cores is Dangerous.”

  1. Boy oh boy Manda! It has been some 6 days huh? Who would have thought that apple cores were so dangerous! I hope you are getting some therapeutic crochet action – I cant wait to see what you are creating with that gorgeous sock yarn!

    AND I cant wait to hear more about Plan Woolly!!


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  3. well you could also look at it like – if he was not such a bad shot then the apple would not have ended up behind said fridge therefore you never would have found a big “saftey” issue – which i am sure you are getting fixed ASAP! so give him a forehead shot for being a bad shot and a pat on the back for finding a potentially fatal problem!
    m_f are you around have not heard much from you lately.
    big hugs!

  4. Bright red clown lips! Life is not boring as a safety officer. And, I guess ‘sex sells’…well, at least it sells sex. I hope the rush of safety issues is over now. And I’m looking forward to the sock yarn creation.

  5. That’s a crazy story about the apple core. I would never think that reaching behind a refrigerator could be so dangerous!

  6. Hi Kris
    I’m still around – I am busy at my designated jobs – making sure the 4WD in the lock up still starts; collecting mysterious but squishy packages from the postoffice; and shooing away a small cat who LOVES sleeping on bags of wool. All keeps me out of trouble.

    And now I know why I never reach behind or under a fridge! Much better to wait until you have to move and do it all at once.

    Hi Man too – room’s all ready for next week!

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