Tomorrow wasn’t a better day..

The overnight news is that one of our supervisors (who is 50, overweight and a diabetic) suffered a heart attack and has been evacuated to Darwin. A prayer for Mick Lacey if you have a space, wouldn’t go astray.

No, today – that started like this :

sunrise for march 26
 Didn’t get any better……..

I had to stop one of our cranes working for a period of time because it was indicated to me by some of the boys that there was a fault.  For the couple of Crochet hook waving Safety People who read the blog (and there are a fair few!!!) I tagged it out of service which is fairly serious. The running commentary that my actions (arriving, assessing and departing) were subjected to were hardly polite.

For those again familiar with the issues 0f heavy vehicles and equipment, you are required to conduct pre-start checks prior to operation. This person had been falsifying the records otherwise he would have noticed that there was low hydraulic oil levels in the boom reservoir.

Hydraulic leak found, level refilled, crane now operating.

I get to spend time with the Project Manager discussing the fate of a supervisor who threatens to hit people who are doing their job.

Everything in life is a learning experience. One thing I am learning from Cesar, our filipino Project Manager is the art of implacability. I always suffered the drawback of being quick to bite… Cesar has taught me to breathe.

Though even he was heard to swear today.

So – since it’s been a week since I put up a bad safety photo – knowing how funny they are (when they’re not your workers!)

Here you go:

funny scaffolding safety

The mind just BOGGGGLES.

Anyway – another hello to our new visitors! Thank you for stopping by!

And to my faithful friends – thank you once again for being the wonderful people you are!

Love to you all….


~ by SB&C on March 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tomorrow wasn’t a better day..”

  1. Aww, aren’t you sweet :). That first picture is beautiful, even if it doesn’t signify the start of a good day. I like the deep yellow with the dark blue. And the second picture… it does just boggle the mind! Standing on pallets that are lifted by a fork lift is just idiotic! I bet you are so happy those arent your people!!!

    I hope tomorrow IS better for you!

    Lots of hugs!!!

  2. Sending prayers for Mick Lacey – I don’t like the part of life where people are taken ill. I’ll thank you (if the team won’t) for being such a GOOD safety officer – didn’t they read about the crane that crashed in NYC? And I’m most grateful Cesar is showing the benefits of applied impacability – keep the grey hair and high blood pressure at bay. Your photos are stunning, as always, thank you very much for continuing to share the beauty you see. It always seems like a movie set.

  3. Thanks for all the bad safety pics. I am saving them to use in training when I need a good “what’s wrong with this situation” picture. If they can’t come up with what is wrong with some of the ones you have posted, then they must be asleep or dead!

    I hope your supervisor improves. No-choice weight loss would probably help the heart and the diabetes.

    I bet your guys were just THRILLED that you tagged their crane out of service, but hey, the guy who has been falsifying the records is the one to blame. I hope the other guys realize that (oh, and the supervisor who threatens to hit people). They should both be dope-slapped: by you and in public. Too bad that probably wouldn’t be good for your career since I’m sure it would be really satisfying!!!

  4. thoughts are with mick. hope your week improves. your sunrise was breath taking!

  5. What a day! But well done you.
    Can I just say a big THANK YOU to Cesar – who has succeeded where one or two others have stepped back quickly in self-defence! Gma used to suggest three deep breaths… Well done Cesar!
    And well done the Redhead too – those celtic genes are not easy to keep in check. Ommmm.

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