There is no pain, you are receding…

Thank you for your patience, regular service is now being restored.

30th march

This is today.

The new plan for the project means that the supervisors (of whom the makeup has been significantly altered and I don’t mean new lipstick and blue mascara)  now get held accountable for any non-compliances and I call them over and get them to explai to the boys why they’re in the wrong.

It’s working and they’re being nicer to me.

So much so as I was sitting working on a Job Safety and Environmental Analysis  with one of them and disaster struck, literally, the level of horror was mirrored in each others eyes.


The demountable office block was hit by a vehicle.

But that just follows nicely in the course of the week…..

I do apologise for the silence but between the cough and the 14 hour days I’ve been crashing when I get home.

There has been a little progress on the crochet front – the cardigan has grown a couple of rows and is about ready to divide for the arms!

sock yarn cardigan

I’ve got to do some serious stripghanning though. Home in two more sleeps…

Will catch you all soon!


~ by SB&C on March 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “There is no pain, you are receding…”

  1. just another day in the life of manda! always so much fun. ha!
    glad you will be heading home soon though maybe m_f can help rid you of that awful cough.

  2. Your “today” photo is drop dead GORGEOUS! I love the shades of blue and the way all the different directions of the black metal beams seem to point to the subtle yellow/gold light reflecting under the stairs. Very nicely done!

    Still haven’t had a chance to scan more of the Japanese album photos. Life on this side of the planet is hectic also. (Baseball season and a 13-year old son.) Take it easy on those 14 hour days!

  3. I agree the pictures is beautiful!! The sunrises against the beams aren’t quite as captivating as the ones from TB 1, but I enjoy them nonetheless! The colorway of your yarn is gorgeous… to bad we cant pet yarn online – wait, that may be a good thing! I hope everyone is ok with the office being hit by vehicle… good idea to delegate too! Hugs!!!

  4. I believe you are a catalyst, an element to be reckoned with. I love supervisors being involved in compliance issues – nothing like involving someone’s paycheck to get attention. Safety is a performance issue at a site like yours. Hope your schedule allows for some rest and refresh time soon.

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