I am down South and I’d like to say it’s Bluidy Cold!!!

The news: I’m staying with Arcadia and her two hatchlings and visiting with my ponies.

I went shopping and I bought a new toy….

See if you can guess what it is….

Sonn having a sun nap – Hint it’s not the spotty horse!

Anyway – going to go on playing – will get back to you soon!


~ by SB&C on April 5, 2008.

9 Responses to “BRRRRRRRRR!!!! It’s COLD!!”

  1. Looking forward to more results of your playing with your new toy!


    And I like the Appy very much too! Such a noble face!

    I’ve been reading on the fly and have not been taking the time to type (I should be eating breakfast and getting ready to go to work on a Saturday as I read this), but I’m so glad you’re feeling better from your nasty virus of a little while ago, and that perhaps slowly the safety culture is changing a little at your new place of employment.

    My husband, who is a man of many talents and experiences, has worked doing bridge construction, including starting out as a cement mason, but before we got married, was doing high unaided work (and am I ever glad he stopped that) and also supervising. He worked with and encouraged women in the trades, in fact, one of the crews he put together was mostly women; he snorted when I read him your ‘Rules’. He says women are tougher than men and make better managers. Also, his father is a retired safety engineer. And we both used to ride a lot! In a life before kids and full-time employment. So, really, he ought to read your blog, except he doesn’t read blogs and does not care about crochet. But, oh well, he is forced to put up with excerpts, especially blatant safety blow-ups.

    Take care, keep your eyes on the prize, love reading!

    Cathy (from Northern US as you might recall where it’s also cold, -1 C right now!)

  2. Well, Miss Amanda, if I were to wager a guess – and since it isn’t that GORGEOUS Appaloosa, I’m going to say you have purchased some land! I have always had such an affinity for appaloosa’s, however, right now I am looking into buying the little Sandyhills crew some Tobiana Paints.

    By the way … I have a little good safety news to share with you … I applied for my summer internship with Schlumberger this week!! I’m dying to hear back from them!!!

  3. Nice horse, babe!! I love these photos of your lovely gal. Keep ’em coming. No word from you on F-book lately – when you gonna send me that pony storyline?? WAITING…hey. Come on over to…there’s new stuff there.
    News: The student art exhibition starts today…(hint, hint). My mum & sister are coming down for a visit today – it’s Julia’s birthday, so we’ll get to tease her about her age. Take care and write soon!

  4. Plan woolly has taken a new step??!??!! I’m so happy to see you back! And I feel for you on the cold weather. We’ve had a lot of it here, but its finally starting to warm up! Hugs!!

  5. ok here are kassies guesses….horseshoes, a brush, comb, ummm….oh a hoof pick? bows for her mane and tail? a new bridle/halter? sugar cubes/apples/carrots? blanket? well she is still thinking and is coming up with more ideas….

    and my guess maybe a new saddle?
    please let us know curiosity…well you know what they say.
    happy to finally hear from you hope you are enjoying your time home.
    talk soon?
    love you

  6. Nice photo of the fat one! Nice background….What’s happening with plan Wooly?

  7. You sound as if you are feeling better…huzzah. Well, if you didn’t buy the horse, you either bought ‘the tree’ or…more land! Did Plan Wooly expand? How utterly incredibly wonderful to stand on your own piece of earth. Good job!!

  8. how much longer are you going to make us wait? kassie is going crazy with wonder. she keeps guessing the latest…leg wraps.
    talk to you soon

  9. Nice horse and the vibe of the property also feels great. I may try and get down that way over winter (perhaps a quick ski trip). Michael has moved to Melbourne so I may have to go even further south!

    Regards, Terry
    PS I am starting to get good responses to my blog at but your blog does present very well. I tried to change my theme but it just seems to lock up?

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