Dreams only weigh you down

And I think I am back to being myself…

What stopped me… well.. that’s a funny story.

And it involves Strawberries.

And a lack of them.

I had hoped to have something sweet to tell you all… but well… life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

And speaking of plans… Plan Woolly.

As we discussed –in the Great “Guess what I bought?” scandal – I spent last weekend with my ponies and the Arcadia family.

bay thoroughbred mare

This is Tessa the sweet, courtesy of new camera.

Juliet and I had fun with her two hatchlings out at Lanoak – where I got to snap some photos of the woollies – complete with some very new woollies.

merino sheep

Please note that these are very (like HOURS ) new woollies and it’s cold (2˚) so I was very worried about the Woollettes.

mary had a little lamb(Paging Mary…..)

But then my lawyer called (and he is the Lawyer from Central Casting – three piece suit and entirely Good shoes) and the owner has received a “better offer” (story of my life) and unless I can achieve settlement within two weeks (which I can’t because of the situation with the building permit) they are going with the better offer.

So.. yes, that would have been me, asking the Universe what I had to do to get something.. anything…. That I had been hoping for…

I can’t believe that it’s now Monday… I have been back here at TB G for five days.

And today I found myself walking ankle deep in caustic mud.

A pipeline blew spraying 60˚C caustic mud at 78 Atmospheres across a 50metre area. For my Safety orientated readers – one of our Elevated Work Platforms (that’s a cherry picker sort of thing for most of you) was caught in the blast. It was so covered with mud it was impossible to tell what colour it was originally (I think this was the aqua blue one). I had to pick my way across the mud to tag it out of service and promptly ended up with feet that are still a distressingly Orange after two showers.

So now I’m home – having had the second shower quite recently, and working on a new crochet project (as well as the promised Arcadia’s daughter’s stripghan) which involves something very new for me….

See – this is possibly the ugliest piece of crocheting ever…

And then we have a really indistinct photo of something blue.

I’m experimenting with Felting.

It was actually kind of fun to turn a small blue squatch (being a square swatch) into something else – whether stinking hot water, tiny amounts of soap and mushing it with a couple of mill balls in my ensuite sink counts as an approved Felting method I can’t say however… It did work… and I have a Plan…

I do apologise for the silence over the last week or so… things did get a bit dire but ….

Affirmations every half-dc of plain Navy Blue 100% Merino (due to be felted) are slowly getting me back to the Snow White trouncing Safety Orange that I am!

Love to you all!


~ by SB&C on April 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dreams only weigh you down”

  1. well that just plain SUCKS!!!!!!! it does not seem fair that you put in your offer – it was accepted papers signed and then POOF! GONE! they say things happen for a reason so lets think on the postive side that something better will come along real soon!
    gotta love those pictures from arcadias! even mia was oooohhing over the horsey picture.
    try and have a good day.
    love you

  2. Well done, you!

  3. That does suck!!! But things usually do happen for a reason and I am sure something better will come along. Tessa is beautiful! And the baby woolies are so adorable!!

    Keep your chin up and I hope you have a good week!


  4. What a fabulously beautiful picture of Tessa the sweet. Yay, new camera! Sorry things are crummy, but they are bound to get better soon!

    I am glad you are having fun with felting. It is a blast!
    (your safety crochet friend in Colorado, USA)

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