Red Steel and Blue Stitches

This was my day of whys.

I’ve written a four page report on why the mud went everywhere (because the Client’s Change management fell in a heap), had to further explain why Cesar’s office door has a bootprint through it (the EWP covered in mud is now a structural lossyou do the math)  and asked somebody why has he come back to work so soon after having had a cardiac episode

Yep, Mick Lacey came back. He still isn’t 100% and I think his colour is awful but he isn’t laying in a hospital bed.

I took the new camera on a walk this morning, I think the red steel looks pretty amazing in the dark:

red steel

And after compiling my report on why qualified engineers and draftsmen couldnt work out the patently obvious (an 80kg valve fitted onto 100mm pipe, subject to vibration and supported by … nothing) I got home to find a box waiting for me:

It’s not quite what you may think!

I”ve mentioned before I’ve developed a serious affection for crocheting Fashion Doll outfits. So I decided to indulge a little with a 15in Glamour type doll.

It’s a Mary Jane Doll from Spiderman 3. I liked that her hair was already nicely up and I find that I have to alter the 11 1/2″ patterns to fit anyway.

And finally in between another few strips I worked on the endless sea of Navy blue Merino Half double crochets that are due to be felted:

wooden crochet hook

And it’s a beautiful crochet hook too. I am a huge fan of the hook that swells down to the base, as opposed to takes a sudden step to fatness.

I’m still saying an affirmation for each stitch, the last few weeks, and it is hard to believe that it’s only been three weeks since things went so downhill in terms of incidents, plan woolly and strawberries.

Hopefully will have some felting to show you tomorrow!

Love to you all!


~ by SB&C on April 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Red Steel and Blue Stitches”

  1. That hook is beautiful!!!! The picture is amazing too! The red does stand out nicely! Who would have thought steel beams would be so photogenic!

  2. hmm…well, I think you and Mary Jane look alike. I’m sure you don’t have plastic parts with odd hinges – but your faces look alike. The crochet hook is a work of art and looks very comfortable to use. What about the strawberries?

  3. i need to get me a hook like that!!!!! they have to be better than my bats hooks.
    things here are the same as always. hope things are looking up for you.

  4. Parcels everywhere – we’ve had daily arrivals here for you too, plus RAS bundles. SMB is fascinated! Talk to you tomorrow.

  5. To answer the question from Barbara…and I know that Kris will explode when she reads this!

    I met someone who promised me lasagna and strawberries.
    which was altered to be Indian for dinner and strawberries after.

    and to say he was perfect: funny, smart, slight nerdy in a fabulous way and really quite wonderful… well.. yeah.

    But the handsome prince.. when kissed seems to be remarkably toadish.

    It has been a very long time since I liked someone like that…

    but hey… add it to the list of things I’m not supposed to have.


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