When boredom becomes a health hazard (or vice versa!)

I have found that filling in time can be tricky sometimes…

when you’re in a) a mining camp and b) have a virus.

I’ve been in my room for four days (minus trips to the doctor) and have been asleep for a lot of it. I was dreading the phone ringing with bad news from the Steel side of life but it seems that we’re back on track after the Ides of March!

On the plus side, I can officially say that I’m over pneumonia… however we have set new records for being bored now that I have .. Strep.

So much so that I am taking me and the virus to work tomorrow.

If only because I’m likely to get RSI from crocheting whilst watching Foxtel when not asleep.

(though the advice that I’m getting from Foxtel re lack of phone calls is quite useful)

I finished the blue / beige bag- now ready for the Next Great Adventure : Felting!

And do you remember the little cardigan I was making from the merino/tencel blend?

Well – it *was* a cardigan….

yep… it grew.

That’s it for me from now – I do apologise for the silence this last week but I have been quite ill.

*hugs* to you all – will try not to infect you 🙂


~ by SB&C on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “When boredom becomes a health hazard (or vice versa!)”

  1. Awww I hate strep throat! I am sorry you arent feeling well! The “cardigan” is adorable!! I am making a bag to felt too! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Isn’t felting fun? I hope you feel better quickly!! Hugs!

  2. sick again?! that just SUCKS!!! i hope you start feeling better soon. you have had your fair share of sick to last you the whole year.
    that “cardigan” is gorgous! thats sure to win you first place.
    love ya

  3. Yikes…strep after pneumonia sounds awful. Sorry about that. Perhaps time for an immune booster or vitamins or something? You certainly do well wtih boredom though…love the little bitty dress and can’t wait to see the purse. Take best care.

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