Proof I’m not anorexic

On my last visit home, and again during my conversation with M_F today, a major topic was the fact that she thinks, at present, I’m too thin.

It may make her feel better to know that whilst depression is walking close behind me and occasionally treading on my tail, I can very definitely offer proof that I am eating properly:

Exhibit A:

the sign says that you’re not allowed to take the seafood away – you have to eat it in the Mess hall.

Exhibit B : that’s my second plate:

And Exhibit C (courtesy of Richard the Polish Project Manager who feels there’s not enough Scotch in my diet):

I have mentioned before that food in the Mining Industry is pretty reasonable. Here – I don’t know if it’s an incentive for a young geology student looking for a valid career path – SEAFOOD!!!!

Today’s travels included the hour when I took Big Camera out for a walk with our friend, the Small Elderly Safety Officer, Ian.

If you’re here as part of the photography tag – I took this with my new Nikon D80 with an 18-200 lens and the Polarizing filter that I am about to sack as I’m somewhat unimpressed with it.

See – they just don’t have the drama I like in my shots.

And you’ve heard me mention Cesar our Project Manager before:

He didn’t like me taking his photo.

In terms of me.. and the lack of blogs recently – I am feeling notably better (no more spots!) but I do feel that there is only really one cure for the way I feel at the end of every day: barely able to take my Safety Boots off.

And no, it doesn’t involve mohair.

The option to return to Toothbrush 3 in a new role, one of those hopes I’ve had on the back burner for a while – unfortunately I have had to withdraw my application as I don’t feel I can work with the person who would be my direct superior. There is a good reason – she has already misinformed the HR people about a circumstance involving a safety breach and my old company at TB3. The HR guy took the time to call a third person and was given the truth but agreed with me that working with her was not in anyone’s best interests.

So… what comes next? There may be some news in the next few weeks. And yes – I’m making you wait – because I have to – too!

Two pieces of news for you though : Gracie my Guide Dog puppy is continuing well with her initial training, she did hurt her elbow however but is back on track – I’m hoping to have some photos for you soon.

And the other news, for my horsy fans is that Nero

M_F and my four year old black Arabian Warmblood Gelding by Julie Conti’s gorgeous and very sadly missed Gumbanero is heading to Victoria on Saturday to commence his education and show career. Nero looks a little scrufulous as he’s sprouting his winter fluff and he has utterly no muscle tone. Wait til this time next year!

In the short term: Darwin Royal Show’s Arts and Crafts Schedule should be up shortly and I will have to get cracking on a few things – such as summoning up the courage to felt the bag …

Anyway – time for me to get some sleep, hugs to you all! 🙂



~ by SB&C on April 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “Proof I’m not anorexic”

  1. EEEWWWWWW – YUCK – seafood – YUCK YUCK YUCK! however hubby would be on cloud 9.

    one of these days things HAVE to turn around for you. i am sorry that tb3 did not work out for you but you know best and its probably not right to work with her, unfortunate for you though.

    keep your chin up – things HAVE to get better.
    love you

  2. While I cant imagine actually biting into a crab like that, it does look quite yummy! Gorgeous pictures as always! Gorgeous horse too btw and I cant wait to see what you have been working on lately! Hugs!

  3. hmm…I hate that treading on the tail thing, am sending best energy for great job posting. Long live creative intelligence such as your shining self. That fabulous seafood looks like one helluva classy buffet, I’ve never seen anything like it as employer provided meals. Nero is breath taking, even in a scruffy state.

  4. […] Neoka wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIn the short term: Darwin Royal Show’s Arts and Crafts Schedule should be up shortly and I will have to get cracking on a few things – such as summoning up the courage to felt the bag … Anyway – time for me to get some sleep, … […]

  5. Don’t let that depression catch up with you! Blog, take more GORGEOUS photos, crochet, knit, spin…just make sure that depression keeps its distance. I truly believe that prayer and a lot of yarn kept me from the edge while I was divorcing an alcoholic.

    The seafood looks awesome! It’s been awhile since I’ve devoured a crab like that…must change that.

  6. I started an answer and lost it (but if you get two, you’ll know why).
    What I think I said was – glad to see you took your mother’s advice about eating – and did it in such style!!! I feel sorry for Nero as he leaves his coltish freedom behind for a big dose of reality! I hope the breaker is kind to my share of him…And also, you’re best staying away from strawberries – they can cause a nasty reaction! Keep busy and the black dog won’t
    catch your tail

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