Maybe tonight, maybe I’ll fall…

Another long day.

I was hoping that the Ides of March, and the Foolishness of April were done, and May would be better …

So far, not so much.

This morning started with me feeling that I was not so much looking after workers but checking a stable of horses again.

For those of you who do have horses, and know all too well what it’s like to see to them every morning, you’ll understand what I mean.

I checked two sets of eyes, one large boil (located on a shoulder blade), two knees (Arcadia, you would not believe how close I was to asking them to trot up for me) got shown a thumb that the owner had tried to dig a splinter out of and sympathized about general unwellness for two more. I also spent 20 minutes convincing one of my electricians it was ok to put his face in the safety shower to wash his itchy eyes.

He said it took five people last time to put drops in his eyes.

I actually believed him.

I had him sit down and place his face in the bowl so we could start flushing his eyes.

I’ve had some horses who panicked when you used a hose to start washing them.

This was up there with a four year old Thoroughbred with a bleeding hoof I was trying to hose off.

I was patting him and counting from “1 to 5, I’ll stop at 5” in my *calm.pony* voice.

Him being the electrician, not the liver chestnut mare who was stressing.

To try and leave construction and mining behind, on the way home, I went to a different beach with the big camera…

Think I’m getting used to him now 🙂

I may hug him and pet him and squeeze him and love him and call him JORGE.

Got to love the Nikon D80 with the big lens.

And I made some more crocheted flowers to boost Arcadia’s hatchling’s Stripghan.

I still haven’t got the courage to felt the bag yet so I tried felting the leaves on one set of flowers – actually came up quite well so maybe I’ll have the courage soon!


Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on May 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Maybe tonight, maybe I’ll fall…”

  1. I know that Calm Pony voice and have had to use numerous times. And yes it does work well on people too! That voice can make all the difference in the world! Jorge appears to be working well for you! Beautiful pictures! That’s one helluva camera! Go ahead and felt the bag – it will turn out great I am sure!! Hugs!

  2. hmm…it does sound like caring for non-understanding beings. The crochet flower is perfect and dear. The photo is magic, let’s go there and hang out. I’d say we’d bring the wool, but the sand wouldn’t work. I do knit when I kayak…get somewhere calm and float around and knit.

  3. we’ve been reading your blog here in Oregon – LOOOOOOVE THE BEACH!
    You rock!

  4. Another great photo. The camera is a keeper, but remember that it’s the photographer really deserves the credit!.You have a terrific eye! I laughed out loud at the “hug him and squeeze him” reference. That quote is used around here all the time. I agree with Elaine, just felt the bag. Just take a deep breath (or a stiff shot of scotch…maybe both depending on the quality of said scotch) and dump it in the wash. It’s a blast…even if you don’t have any scotch handy!!!

  5. Stunning Photo! Definitely one for the show. Shades of a blasted heath with beach.

    I’m off to buy Zhivago tomorrow so stand by for a desperate call from a Spotlight aisle for help/advice etc.

    Go on – be daring and dump the bag in the wash, even if only to see what happens.

  6. how to make that crocheted flower….can you tell me please?^^~

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