Simplicity and Stitches

I spent the morning ticking my way through a list of things that HAD to be done.

I moved numbers around, I tried to help the Small Elderly Man who had the interesting job of teaching Croatians the principles of Hazard Identification.

We have two assessment sheets attached to that training package where you have to decide whether something is a Visible (or sensory hazard), a Hidden Hazard or a Developing one.

I had a small brainwave about how to make his life easier – I did a powerpoint with a slide illustrating each condition.

It helped. So I felt good about something.

For a change, I had time. I mulled over small things. How satisfying the act of putting a fresh magazine of staples into a stapler *really* is.

I called Arcadia and my sister Bob. Arcadia likes the photos I took of some of her fourlegged babies

An eight month old baby Warmblood Gelding – for sale

I planned out the Toolbox meeting safety lesson – How we do Investigations (using the Five Whys methodology) and printed out the report from the Great Mud Shake (the one that left me with the orange feet) and then went to give it at the Meeting.

Now, for most of the last six months, going to the Toolbox Meetings has been the equivalent of a session with the Quisition (there’s a Pratchettism for you); however I thought that given the turn around in the supervisors attitudes, it would be ok.

I held up my spread sheets and passed out a swag of copies. I talked and they all followed along. They were interested, they were quiet. They asked intelligent questions.

I was stunned.

Cesar caught the brunt of the usual flak: pay packets, how many hours we’re going to work on Monday (which is a public holiday) They wanted: 8 or 10 or the normal 11.5 depending on whatever motivation spurred them on: Beer vs money.

After the meeting I was researching the question of Caustic resistant double eye protection ( I have an almost overwhelming urge to go to the butcher and get a Bull or Pig eye and drop it in a bucket of the caustic mud that’s in the pipelines) for use whilst grinding.

And then….

(oh, you can hear it, can’t you?)

A very worried supervisor’s face at my door.

“Amanda – there’s blood” and his hands were shaking.

Out the door, into the caryard and one of our 5tonne trucks was in the middle of the area, one of our workers leaning up against it, torn shirt. Blood on the front of his shirt.

One of “my” boys, the young rigger with a revolutionary hairdo I inducted as part of a large group 6 weeks ago.

Another cut, not long but deep and nasty enough. Just above and in front of his right hip bone. Through the skin and muscle. About an inch long but worryingly deep.

Pressure on the wound, worried faces hand me a triangular bandage which works well to hold it closed. He’s apologizing to me.

Across to sickbay and then he’s excited as a small boy to be riding in an ambulance.

Hospital again – for the 4th time in a week.

I know the nursing staff by their first names now.

The RN came out to tell me that it was a fairly simple cut but she expected that he was going to be sore, with a lot of bruising coming out. She’d flushed and probed and then closed : 3 sutures.

How did this happen? A tool had knocked back and the guard on the business end had chunked into his stomach.

Tomorrow – Investigations allover again.

But I had to laugh when he wrote his statement in SMSese with @’s and 2’s.

Oh Lord….

But he’s fine, I’ll check on him in half an hour to make sure he’s in bed…

On the crochet side – you may notice I finally put up the pattern for Alyssa’s Shawl.

Part of the delay was I needed to buy another copy of Sand Castle’s Filet Crochet Software as I lost my copy when the USB’s went AWOL.

If you like filet crochet – this software is excellent!

But for now, I’m all clean, watching LA Confidential and perving on Russell Crowe. I’m going to do a few more roses and then check the tummy and that will be it for the night.

*hugs to you all*

Catch you very soon!


~ by SB&C on May 2, 2008.

One Response to “Simplicity and Stitches”

  1. Wow…that’s intense and what a full life – not boring. Glad the presentation went well and that the fellow’s puncture wasn’t in the wrong place. Horse pix is fabulous. Have a good week-end.

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