A day without Safety Boots

Today was a day away from the Refinery. A day without wondering when Murphy will catch up with us and something will happen.

I had an invitation to go out on a boat and head out to the other side of the inlet and have a picnic.

As my date – I took Jorge.

So lets have a look at a day when I didn’t have to be Safety Orange (eat your heart out, Snow White!).

Firstly we boarded the dinghies to go out to the fishing boat owned by one of our workers.

It was an older fishing vessel being restored but in nice condition.

It was a simply beautiful day in the Northern Territory.  We had an escort across the bay

to a small island known as the Granites.

The boat’s owner was worried about a bilge pump and asked me if I would drive us across. I was enormously flattered as he has been one of the more vocally obnoxious about having a female Safety adviser and the presence of women in a mining camp.

Our friend the Small Elderly Safety Officer took this. He liked that I was smiling.

I paid him back by taking photos of him!

We made it safe and sound across to the island (one small rule of the road situation, involving me as the giveway vessel with a yacht on my starboard side at one mile. A number of the boys felt I was a wimp for altering to starboard and reducing to slow; any other nautical types care to comment?) and then transferred to the dinghies to go across to the beach.

We also borrowed the company’s barge as a diving platform. Not much diving occured once we saw two stingrays sunning themselves.

Since the day was one that people come to the Territory for, I walked around with Jorge for a while.

I think that I could run an advertisement for “Holiday spots in the Northern Territory”

Through here and around to:

This is where we had lunch.

Pretty terrible huh?

And then the clouds began to close in

A group of us called it quits at Midday, and took the barge back across the bay.

Despite how perfect the scenery was, the day was not without casualties.

Firstly, the polarizing filter I railed against last week – fell off the lens. It nearly got a burial at sea but I’m going to take it back to the camera shop and explain the amount of trouble I have had with the wretched thing.

Secondly, I slipped on some rocks and have quite badly bruised the heels of both hands. When I work out how to take a photo of the damage, I will post it.

Thirdly – one of the other women in the group was snagged on a fishing hook and needed to have it removed under the influence of Entenox.

So even on my Sunday, I end up in the Casualty department.

I’m tucked up in bed now, plenty of Aftersun lotion on my feet, the rest of me had Banana Boat Spray On blasted every 40 minutes except I missed my feet! The English Patient is showing on Foxtel – I think Naveen Andrews is almost more pervable than Russell Crowe.

Thank you to all the new visitors for your kind words about the shawl pattern!

Hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on May 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “A day without Safety Boots”

  1. pictures are gorgous!!!!
    but i just spent a half hour looking for names and pictures of all your ponies for kassie – you need a seperate place just for your ponies argggggg!!

  2. oh my goodness!! those are gorgeous pictures! I am happy you were able to get away for a day and enjoy the beautiful scenery (except for the few mishaps!) Hope you have a great week! Hugs!

  3. The pictures are stunning, I can hear the water and smell the saltyness. So glad you got away a bit. Wow, entenox – on board? And yes, I’ve done that before, sun block everywhere except my feet! Personally, Russell Crowe is at the TOP of my list.

  4. hey how did i get an avatar or is that just a fluke? where are you?

  5. I can see why you like it up there – stunning. We have Sylva with us as she got a severe case of chicken pox – she looks like something left over after aliens got at her. Sylva has almost watched my whole DVD colection.

    Have fun in NT, Terry (or is it Qld?)

  6. Hi Kris – you have an Avatar because WordPress decided people needed one!

    Elaine – this week is not getting any better. I just wish I had a pony with me…..

    Barbara – you should see my feet… they’re PURPLE! And beginning to blister.

    And everybody – please say hi to my Uncle Terry! Father_figure’s brother!

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