The distant smoke on the horizion

I had two days of blissful nothing. I crocheted a round ripple – a pattern I have always wanted to try – and found that it was an excellent blend of undemanding double crochet after double crochet, stash-busting ( I used 8 balls of tencel mix) and with just enough technical requirements (increasing to make the peaks and reducing to make the valleys) the result is very bright but is perfect for a little boy!

I have started another in mohair – in shades of chocolate, plum and cherry.

And in other news from Mother_figure, (who was home today with the mogs and the results of my eBay habit) who opened my mail and found that there was a cheque from the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW congratulating me on the sale of one of my items at Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The question was then what sold….

Remember him??

He sold……………………………………

To a man named Ian. If your name is Ian and you bought a bear at Sydney Easter Show…. um… please… love him!!!

It was back to work today, and the situation is unchanged.

We still have minor injuries occurring. Over an hour was spent today talking through the SLAM risk assessment technique (Stop Look Assess Manage) and apart from the obligatory resident Grumblers, I thought we were on something approaching track.

The part I wish we could skip most however is the patronising remarks from several members of the project management team – not my company, but the Client. There are issues here on both sides which are the subject of litigation, so I won’t go into them here (but if you remember my remarks earlier about someones and who those someones were being someone to etc etc that hasn’t helped our project at all).

At the end of the day however, I just wish I didn’t feel beaten.

Three hours today was spent reinforcing the multi-cultural element of the workforce, we were joined by an Argentinian and a Chilean, both of whom had thick Spanish toned accents and were a delight to deal with.  Just exhausting, ensuring that each message in the induction process went home.

Things will hopefully change, and change dramatically in the next couple of weeks….

How and where… those are the questions.

And how the hell I’m going to move the stash!!!!

Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “The distant smoke on the horizion”

  1. Hi
    Photo is simply stunning – you could scoop up that foam…
    Sad to see digger bear – Ian better love him, and you’d better make some more.
    I now have 1.5 donkey ears done – not counting the one that SMB tried to ‘felt’ and had to be ditched! Grrr. But I’m on a roll now.
    Talk to you this week.

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