Crochet Genetics

For those of you who read Mother_figure’s last comment, you may now be in a state of confusion. Mother_figure is at least.

Some clarifying points:

(Speaking of points – my latest Round Ripple is progressing:


Firstly, the SMB is Centime, the apricot/cream DSH, a present for my sister for Christmas 4 years ago.

Exhibit A.

She has a thing about the dustpan and brush.  She likes you to sweep her…..

It’s ok.. the other cat likes to sleep on her back…

Nothing wrong in my family.

Secondly, My mother has decided to crochet, for a Small Person, an Eeyore.

Exhibit B:

Thirdly, it is important to note that Mother_figure, despite her encouragement of my own hookwork, has not crocheted anything since she made ponchos for  us three girls in 1981.

You do the math.

My mother, is not, a hooker.

(and that should be good for a few Google search hits!)

However, you have to admire her sense of adventure.

We have discussed at length her choice of materials (NOT the yarn that the LYS sold you… use the stuff I sent you!!!) (And the hook in the bag!!) and where to start (the tail, just go round and round… until you’re confident on how to do a single crochet) and stitch markers, use thereof.

So far, she reports 1.5 ears.

Plus one the cat has eaten.

Which leads me to beg the question : how small do you think the Small Person that this Eeyore is intended for will be, when Eeyore is finished???

I’m going home in a week. I think there’s an Eeyore workshop ahead of me.

Yes, after six weeks of being in, and a particularly nasty incident today (6’3″ of supervisor shouting charming things at me…) I’m going home for a week.

Coming back.. that’s a topic of discussion for tomorrow when the owner of my company arrives.

I don’t hate the place, but some of the people … I need some distance at present.

But now, it’s late, there’s mohair fluff in my bed, and I’m going to sleep.

Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on May 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Crochet Genetics”

  1. love the ripple manda! i have to try my hand at one of them – i just do the basic ripples. but its a great mindless project. i am so sorry to see digger bear go! i hope ian takes good care of him.

    cuddos to you m_f for hooking again. i hope you will post pictures of m_f finshed eeyore – but i am sure that you two will enjoy your eeyore workshop together. and there is something to be said about her not listening to your suggestions about hook and yarn and where to start – hmmmm? any guesses? keep going m_f don’t give up!

    why was said supervisor shouting not so charming things at you? thats just wrong wrong wrong! i would kick him where the sun don’t shine.

    love you

  2. Ear count for tonight is now one outside ear that didn’t quite fit the inside ear, and therefore two new inside ears have now been made. Maybe I should have started with the tail – at this rate I am never going to get past the *^&%^& ears!! Shades of “What have you got in the sack? Ears!”

    But at least I have hidden these well from the SMB.

  3. trial and error!
    and remember it will be made with love
    a one of a kind eeyore!
    keep going and probably by the time you get the rest of the body done you’ll be a pro and want to do the ears over! HA

  4. Hi Kris
    That thought (of doing the ears over when everything else is finished) had crossed my mind. I think tonight I’ll move on to the tail (as advised…) and see how I go there. I can do dc very well now, at least!

  5. hi m_f
    what is one saying you said to the kids as they were growing up?
    practice practice practice….practice makes perfect?!
    i think its great that you are picking crochet up again after all these years. its no wonder though with all the stress manda has you under – lol!
    i hope you will let manda post pictures either as you go – or when you are done!

  6. Hello,

    The Eeyore pictured (I found him through google images) is adorable. do you by any chance have a pattern for him, or know where I can find one?


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