How the hell did we wind up like this?

At the end of stress, there is a calm. And in the calm, people seem almost ridiculously happy, because they know that the worst is over.

I am not ridiculously happy, I can claim to have been ridiculously drunk last night (and I’m still trying to work out what it says about my life that the first time I have been seriously offered drugs was at the age of 35).

The worst has happened.

The company I work for, which has been in some horrible turmoil due to contract issues, has had their contract cancelled.

So a great deal of the daily grief is gone.

Along with 95 people’s jobs.

We were told yesterday afternoon, and have not been permitted to remove our personal belongings. I was afraid that they wouldn’t let me take my laptop but that turned out to be ok.

Am I sorry that this job is over?


There were mistakes made on both sides, the Client and the company I work for. And when you’re an Adviser and they’re not interested in hearing your advice.. there is nothing more to be done.

Some of the guys I will miss: the Filipino welders, little men who I wish we had had 70 of. Muslim so they didn’t drink, and therefore they were always sober. Polite and cheerful and productive workers. The older English men with their thick burr. A Polish man whose brown eyes yesterday begged me to tell him the letter he brought for me to read was not true, that it was a cancerous growth he had to have removed … tomorrow.

A quick drive to the airport to see him off tonight.

I have started packing, an inordinate amount of yarn, the bulk Bernat #10 thread, sock yarn, cashmere, mohair. Patterns too. 4 large boxes, 3 paper sacks, 4 green bags, a lot of smaller bags.

Australia Post will love me!!!

Hugs to you all…. Things can only get better!!!!


~ by SB&C on May 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “How the hell did we wind up like this?”

  1. wow not what i expected but hey – what comes around goes around – so se la vi (or however its spelled) you are better off without them.
    go home and destress – be pampered a bit!
    love you

  2. Well even though I know you will miss certain people, I am sure this is a relief to you. I dont know what your plans are now, but I hope you find a happier place. Things can only get better – after packing. (I dont know if you hate packing as much as I do, but its my least favorite part of moving – and I’m actually in the process of that right now!)

    Lots of hugs!! Keep us posted!

  3. Things really do happen for a reason.
    I took a last minute job to pay some bills. Well I just retired from that site twenty five years later and met my husband there in the bargain! Karma

  4. oh my. well…this site certainly did not seem to want to integrate your knkowledge so it seems good that stress is over. Very sorry about jobs lost for good people, always a bummer. AND my heart stood still at the ‘no personal belongings bit’. I thought the stash was ‘near and yet so far’. Well, onwards and upwards, new vistas to photograph, new delicious things to crochet and friends/family to hug.

  5. Wow – “Out of the mess me make straight lines, and whether we walk or whether we run, they will always lead us to that special place called ‘Self'” – Wishing you straight lines … and FYI, Gungahlin Equestrian Centre is for sale … 200 acres with house and dressage arena – just to give you something else to think about !!

  6. It’s that old ‘crisis and opportunity’ thing. I hope that sometime you will be able to look back on this and realize the things that you did gain, that maybe wouldn’t have come with an easier assignment/setting. Maybe!
    And I hope at least that you’ve been able to save up for Plan Woolly Beta.

    Good luck with the stash moving (argh!)
    And as always, hang in there, and snap a few pictures on the way with your new toy.

  7. Another chapter for the book!
    And the assorted mogs are warming up the TLC, and I’m clearing space for the Stash tomorrow. Frosty here – but there’ll be a very warm welcome.

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