And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

I am much further east and a lot further south than this time yesterday – and the scenery is very very different.

This is the biggest city I have been in for 2 years. There are over 1.8million people in Brisbane. There’s 4.5 million people in the State.  TB G – maybe 5000 people tops. Over 600km by air to the nearest township….

Yes – I’m feeling a bit dislocated. I’m going to try sushi as a cure!

 The flight touched down a lot later than I had hoped for, and then I had the fun of trying to grab both Green Upright Bag and BlueBag and then juggle disreputable Brown BackPack and Laptop case into a taxi and find the Novotel I’m staying in tonight.

 Opulence. I has it!

The purpose of overnighting here in Brisbane (which by the way is a major holiday attraction – I’m currently in a Backpackers internet cafe listening to an array of accent : Brit, Dutch, French US, Canuck) is that tomorrow … Ladies and Gentlemen, Crocheters of all ages…

We have a job interview.

At 1000.

We’ll see.

Oh yeah….

In terms of schpoooky omens, we’ve had a WHOPPER.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I tend to use song lyrics as the titles for my posts. I am a victim of the song of the day syndrome, and spend a lot of time by myself with a song running through my head. Which can happen for DAYS, Precious….

This was notable when I used to drive those long distances between toothbrushes.

But a Song that I have had echoing and echoing and echoing

is David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

And it’s been in my head for months. I think it had something to do with the line “It’s time to leave the capsule, if you dare”.  And at night, when I used to look up at the stars : They look very different today.

Well… when I arrived at the hotel, and the lovely young girls at the Concierge’s desk greeted me as already being an employee of the new company…

Would you like to guess what song was playing???

Yup.. Schpoooooooky.

But under the heading of “hold your breath and spread your wings and always trust your cape” alongside “Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do“….

I have done all the reading I can about issues regarding the next sort of project… To satisfy Kris’s criteria she sent to me – yes it should be good for photos!!!

But first – lets cross tomorrow’s bridge (actually… have to build it first!!!) and then tomorrow night – I am home.

For tonight I have some reading to do – and I have to work out what to wear!!! -Something that’s not orange!!!! And for our crocheting amusement – I have strips!! Because I can just hear a small person asking if I have finished!!

hugs to you all… say a prayer for me tonight….






~ by SB&C on May 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “And I’m floating in a most peculiar way”

  1. I do all the time! And the Gmas have been detailed off to watchkeep as well.

    -3 here tonight!!! Enjoy the tropics while you can!

  2. OMG she remembers me!
    just for that extra thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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