Home is where the Eeyore is…

And it is .. as promised.. freezing!!


Which is why Mother_figure


Is wearing the Avatar Afghan on her lap whilst working Eeyore’s muzzle….

For my part, I’m wearing Eeyore flannelette pjs.

Moral Support and all that!

M_F has finally agreed to use the Tencel yarn (Patons Zhivago) and now we’ve solved the question of how to do a double crochet versus a single crochet, what it means when the pattern says “ch 1” at the start of a row… she’s on a roll!

The interview for the Next Toothbrush was at 10 this morning, and we just have to wait now….

Breathe in.. breathe out…repeat…

My luggage has been sniffed by the mogs, the electric blanket is on and I’m about to go to bed and get warm!

We’re home!




~ by SB&C on May 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Home is where the Eeyore is…”

  1. so how cold is cold? i just don’t picture austrailia as cold – brrrr freezing cold – needing electric blankets cold – boggles the mind.
    glad your home though – i hope you are getting lots of tlc!
    let me know what you hear from the possible new tb and m_f progress of eeyore!
    love ya

  2. Cold is 5deg C…. which is about 40F.

    Plus I am used to everyday being 27C overnight with 34C during the day (80F overnight – 93 during the day)

    Why do you think we Aussies invented UGG boots!!!!


  3. well we were 40f last week – today we are about 80f. is that as cold as you get or will you get colder? we will warm up to the 90s some 100s. but we get as low as -5 in the winter – now thats cold!
    uggg i wish my kids feet would stop growing love to get them some REAL ugggs!
    hugs back at you!

  4. As a former Wisconsin girl, where cold meant -30 windchill blowing on your face freezing the inside bits of your nose, I am hesitant to call the weather we are having in Melbourne cold but it is pretty chilly!
    May I ask where you got the Eeyore pattern? Where can I get it? I have Eeyore flannels too!

  5. My goodness, I hope the interview had good learnings for all. I’ve been hoping new toothbrush has majority intelligent people wtih good senses of humor – people who will enjoy the heck out of you, your skills and abilities. Glad you are home, even tho chilly. Happy crocheting.

  6. More pics of SMB please!

  7. Kris
    Manda’s FFig is fond of letting people know that there is more snow in Oz than in Switzerland! -5C is a respectable winter’s morning in Cberra.

    SMB has to stay still long enough to be shot. Too many things to sniff and outdoor grooblies to chase at the moment. Quite mad, she is.

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