At the end of a blessedly quiet week….

I am, finally, back on line.

The major stumbling block was that our dearly beloved Laptop, who has served us well over the last year (indeed two years, including the time we were at sea in sea state 6 and he fell off my desk – one of the sailors tucked him into bed for me to stop him sliding around….) has finally been pronounced dead.


A poignant service was held yesterday in the workshop in Domayne Fyshwick, where the nice serviceman (who was somewhat bemused by red dust) removed those parts that were needed for immediate transfer into….

New Toshiba Laptop (with built in camera!)

You will instantly notice that I am not in my guise of Safety Orange and am wearing a turtleneck against the chill of Canberra. And Kris – this is not nearly as cold as it can get here. It’s going to get much colder.

Old Laptop has been set aside to be used a further organ donor as the screen and other parts are still quite useable and the technician has a strong recycling ethos.

There were a few things I have had to have assistance with in getting New Laptop up to snuff.

Father_figure and I had to find the switch to enable it to go online… that was good for an increased stress level…

Otherwise, I have had a quiet week. I have been satisfying the craving I had to make Bears.

So that is the first of my Dancer Bears. She isn’t finished yet – and I will show her in closer detail later. she and her Partner Bear (currently a head, torso and one arm) have some show dates coming up and I have a little rule that I don’t go too far into detail on show pieces until they are actually on stage….

I have only been to two yarn stores since I got home.

Admittedly – I’ve been to them both pretty much every day… but hey.. whatcha gonna do?

To make the first Lady Bear, I’ve used half a ball of Panda Purl (the beige for the head and arms) 4 balls of Yarn Bee Seasoned Spice in Blackberry for her dress and half a ball of Zhivago in Black for her gloves and underneath (which you can’t see) her knickers. Her legs are done in the Purl and a strand of black sewing thread to make it look like she’s wearing stockings. I’ve embroidered a garter, beauty mark and details on her feet…. my embroidery skills need work!

The second of my Lady Bears (there are two Partner Bears and an AstroBear in the pipeline)

is also a Glamorous Bear.  The arms and head are in Lionbrand ( I probably owe them a favour after sledging them so much on… The Other Blog!) Woolease and her dress is in a heavyweight ruby coloured chenille yarn from Spotlight’s own brand, Moda Vera.  I’m finishing off her arm here and then I have to finish her right leg.

The other good news is that the first parcels from TB G arrived today (which was on since it’s a Saturday….)  and my overworked mailman stacked them in the garage… Which has created a significant increase in the size of Yarn Stash 2 (the parents stash).

noting that M_F’s crocheting has taken off:

I am actually concerned about the safety of my stash….

The culture shock of being home in the cold…. I miss my sunsets over the beaches

Which I guess brings us to The Answer to the Great Question of What Comes Next.. well..

Yes .. I got the job.



Not going to tell you where just yet….

Anyway – I’m back.. I have a working laptop and at least 4 bears to finish!

Hugs to you all!!




~ by SB&C on May 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “At the end of a blessedly quiet week….”

  1. yea!!!! i am happy you got the job….there was never any doubt was there? details please!
    bears look awesome from what i can see – but just not the same without the new camera!
    its nice to see m_f is carring on with eeyore and did not give up. and since she is sharing her home with your stash i think she is entilted to first pick!
    love you

  2. Stay warm, keep crocheting, the bears look lovely and I can’t wait to see all the details!

    So glad you got the job since it sounded like you wanted it. Plus unsettling to be suddenly without employment even if the job you had was stressful, to say the least. Sounds like another stash move coming up? And Plan Woolly can get back on track again!

    Take care of yourself and bundle up!

  3. Yay on the new laptop, job and the bears (they are adorable!!).

    Can’t wait to hear about your new job and where it will take you!


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