A day at home

It’s just after 8, I’m watching Episode 1, Season 4 of The West Wing, I’ve made a phone call to Toll Transitions to arrange redelivery of a package and I’m still wearing pyjamas (yes, the Eeyore ones).

My plans for the day include collecting aforementioned parcel, sorting through the stash and buying dinner (have to find a piece of Corned Beef – known as Roast Dragon in our family) I suppose as that does mean leaving the house, I have to get dressed at some point, but I’m not rushing things.

The Bears continue apace, I have legs on the Red Glamour bear to do today. I’ve also just recieved the thread for my Crochetville Greek Games project and having bought my third copy of the Sandcastle Filet program (this time, I bought the CD as well…..) I think I’m ready for kick off.

I also plan to add a section to my blog on my photographs, and my horses as well.

Which reminds me, Arcadia has put up her two babies for sale in horsedeals so if you are looking for a Warmblood or if you are in Canada, my friend Meredith has her gelding for sale – drop me a line!

Catch you throughout the day!



~ by SB&C on June 2, 2008.

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