Second Breakfasts and Mortified Mogs

For someone who is technically on holiday, which I know I am as it’s nearly 2 and I’m back wearing PJs, i’m getting a lot of phonecalls that are invoking my Safety Orange persona.

Which reminds me – we’re flying on Monday afternoon – time to get a new Toothbrush.

My cooking skills have been on the backburner (get it???) due to lack of opportunity at TB G so the opportunity to do something simple like omelettes is fantastic.

 Watch now as Amanda does something chaotic in the kitchen……

Second Breakfast (something I came to terms with at TB 3) is possibly one of my more favourite quotes from LOTR… up there with Pippin & Merry’s “This, my friend, is called a Pint” “It comes in Pints??? I’m getting one!”

 It’s been a chaotic day really. Mother_figure’s Mog Pfennig went to the vet yesterday for vaccinations and an abcess was found on her tummy. I was then deputised to provide cat chauffeur services.


If you’d like to guess ahead… the cat came home with a row of stitches. And despite my query – No Elizabethan Collar.  The vet said “She can’t reach them”.

Yeah, right.

So i jury rigged a basic collar. Using an old X-Ray film.

and Mother_figure had hysterics as the cat collided with everything trying to get off the collar.

Quote for the night from M_F:  “Oooooh!!! It hurts!!!” as she’s doubled up with laughter.

We did some thinking.

 Pfennig did some piteously meowing.

 And we compromised with the “turned down” version. She can still lick her paws and wash her face, but she can’t get at her tummy.

She is unimpressed.

She may murder us in our sleep.

 I moved a little ahead with the Bears today. Courtesy of Jorge and because Kris asked :

You can’t see what I’ve done with her legs but she actually can stand up by herself – a feat of engineering I am inordinately proud of.

It’s also worth noting that I went to a yarn store and only bought two metres of black satin ribbon.

The other bears are still in the assembly stage.  Finding decorations for the Bear in the Red Dress was proving tricky but I had a small brainwave and visited the local St Vincent de Paul’s and found some costume jewellery that may suit….

Anyway – that’s me done for the day! I’ve cooked a honey ham, tomato and brie omellette, taken two teddy bears thrift shop shopping  and embarrassed a cat.

Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on June 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Second Breakfasts and Mortified Mogs”

  1. LOVE the beauty mark on Miss Bear. What a brave woman you are embarrassing a cat like that – I wouldn’t take a chance with my life like that!!! But then again, I can’t make a decent omellette either … hubby does all of the omellette cooking in this house.

  2. awwwww poor kitty!
    awwwww cute bear!
    yummy yummy cookings though!
    still no clue where you are flying to though!
    big hugs

  3. Aw, poor kitty, haha. You can even tell he looks embarrassed in the photo! Good job on the bear! Standing up by itself – impressive!!

  4. When our cat got desexed they didn’t give us a collar. Within two hours of bringing her home she ripped out one of her stitches. After a frantic trip back to the vet we got a collar. She tried walking backwards trying to get it off, it was sad but pretty funny to watch her walking backwards rubbing the collar wherever she could. I didn’t think of putting the collar the other way around, that might have helped her be a bit happier about it.
    Pretty bear!

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