Today slides into yesterday….

I made here, despite the very best efforts of delayed planes, the wrong airline (ok.. so …. I’m used to flying QANTAS) and really foggy weather.

I have some connectivity issues we’re trying to work through but I don’t know how involved that’s going to be….


~ by SB&C on June 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Today slides into yesterday….”

  1. Hidee Amanda – GEE where is timing slipping off to???? I knew I liked you for some strange reason 😉 but now I know it’s EEYORE!!! My new drivers license picture shows Eeyore on my shirt!! heehe!! Anywho, I just stopped by to catch up, seems your life and mine are somewhat paralleled right now … however, I am going in this week for my FIRST interview in 16 years!! UGH, I am SO nervous!

    By the way, I just obtained a 45 gallon storage tub full of yarn from my dearly departed mil’s stash – I’m going to conquer your gorgeous avatar afghan this fall when it cools down again. Right now I have the AC blasting at 6 am here in Texas trying not to melt!

    Good Luck – this week!!

  2. hi! for some reason my palm pilot won’t let me post more than a title! i’m here in Mackay, on the central Queensland coast. We’ve swapped red dirt for black soil, and white Alumina powder for the black coal dust

  3. Bravo. Will you be down below ground or with the above ground workings? Will you live nearer the coast or the mine area? And I see a forest reserve as well. Seems as if there is much beauty in that area. Glad you are arrived – they are lucky to have you.

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