Cold and Coal Dust

In keeping with every other shift I’ve made in the last year, a significant degrading of Internet connectivity has been experienced. Every time I thought I had acheived hook up to the “Intarwebs” (my Lolcat reference for the day) something has come along to crush my fledgling hopes.

So – there’s been a gap in my blogging.

At least for this blog – I have been able to get the odd post up on … the other Blog… and I notice, with something approaching bemusement, that WNTC has been mentioned in dispatched by the Daily Telegraph and this has pointed a significant amount of traffic in that general direction.

Curiouser and Curiouser, said Alice.

 As for me… I am cold.

There’s a picture I’d like to show you but we’re still having connection issues.

Blame Telstra Next G Wireless Connectivity. Edited – that it took three weeks to fix!

Lord Knows I do.

To add to the fun, instead of coming home covered in a distinct layer of red ochreous dust, I now return to my domicile with a darker shading of charcoal. My normally redhead-white skin takes on an Ansel Adams thing with black dust.

I am at a Coal Terminal, (to answer some questions) where the coal is unloaded from the trains and then shifted onto a conveyor for onloading onto ships and then out into the world.

Gold to Uranium to Aluminium to Coal in one year.

I would also like to show you the stunning progress of the fabled Laceweight Christening Gown – except we have two problems. Firstly, the pictures won’t load and Secondly, there isn’t any. I’m so tired when I get home at nights, I can barely breathe.

This, as they say in the classics, is Not Good.

Anyway – it’s Sunday, it’s a shorter day to day and I’m hoping for some serious zzzzzzing this afternoon!

Catch you all later!!!

*hugs* to you all


~ by SB&C on June 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cold and Coal Dust”

  1. hmm…I know this isn’t Dickens but do you need something to keep that fine dust out of your nose/lungs? 9hmm, just saw that ‘black lung’ link up there too.) I’m glad you are on the coast and hope your new abode has comfy places for curling up and doing crochet. Here’s to increased intraweb access success.

  2. Hi Barbara
    That’s exactly what her mother said too (about the coal dust etc)! Hope you read the link Man – the air is nice and clean in ACT…

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