It only took a week…

For Telstra to agree that there’s a problem with the Next G services here….

But the good news is that I have connectivity sitting on my little couch. While I alternate between eBay and the Laceweight Christening Gown…

And for the ultimate test –

Yesterday morning’s sunrise:


There – that’s better!

I’m going for a short break this weekend to a town a bit further up the coast – hopefully some photo ops!

hugs to you all!! – Yes – I’m watching out for the Black dust –  at least I won’t have nay trouble finding christmas presents for bad people this year……


~ by SB&C on June 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “It only took a week…”

  1. Whoa! That is a gorgeous sunrise! Glad to see you have some connectivity again! Post some pics of what you have been working on!! Take care! Hugs!

  2. Babe, where the heck are you? Write to me, eh. I wanna discuss this Merlin business with you. And have a look at – I added something new. I have a date for my solo art exhibition now…
    …and, and, and… have you done any more with Mischief Maker??

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