Five kinds of fun

You realise you’ve spent too long in the Mining Industry when you look at a four year old’s collection of toy dump trucks and wonder how often he does pre-start inspections.

End of a long week.. with yet another FUNFUN computer issue – my USB drive has taken upon itself to corrupt every piece of data I had stored on there.  We’vemade progress on Arcadia’s Hatchling’s stripghan, the Laceweight Gown, the Purple version of the Avatar and… because a long standing friend of the family is due in two weeks, started a babyghan in a lovely soft baby yarn. I am about halfway through the squares. 49 in total.

I would like to point I have bought no yarn this week.

Stop snorting.

No – it’s true. I have not entered a yarn store or a store that sells yarn this week. I have not called a yarn store for a special order.

And I have only bought patterns on eBay.

There. Virtuous is me.

Now I’m in Cairns, after a hour and half stopover due to fog. I got suckered into staying with friends and assisting in wrestling with an eight year old and a four year old. Both Boys. Crochet potential has halved.

However I’m rediscovering the world of Saturday morning cartoons and the plastic must-have-junkables they sell in between.

And we have rugby this afternoon (have I made my thoughts on rugby clear before?…..)

This should be amusing. 

There have been requests for pictures of where I work – which is a little trickier here. For two reasons – one because they really don’t like photos being taken. and Two – coal dust gets on the lens quickly!!!

but there you go – taken from a safe distance on the hill!


And… I’ve been thinking…. Plan Woolly… it’s still going ahead…

Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on June 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Five kinds of fun”

  1. No purchases, hmmmmmm.
    Please explain the squishy packages that arrive daily then…
    Good to have the photo – not quite what I’d pictured and.. re
    Plan Woolly … made any phone calls to ACT today?

  2. Hey Manda! I hope your internet and computer problems end soon! I miss your postings! I hope things are going well! Gotta love Saturday morning cartoons 🙂


  3. New site looks B.I.G., but then they all did. Here’s to an very midling midly amusing ‘ex’ situation. hmm, take care of the camera in the find dust!

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