Ready for bed…

To add to my pile of WIPS – I started another Round Ripple. In Patons Carressa, a Mohair Wool blend.




i made back safely from Cairns but my tendency to motion sickness took it’s toll yesterday and by the time I made the trip back from Cairns, and then to and from site (yes – it is HUGE!) I could barely move.

I lay in bed nibbling Jatz crackers and praying that Death would come quickly. The Paramedic on site suggested I may have an ear infection that is causing the problem…. we’ll see!

Also to answer Mother_figure’s question re packages – Clothes, mother dear! Clothes!

We haven’t headr from Kris for a while so I’m hoping things are okay with her!

Big hugs to you all!



~ by SB&C on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Ready for bed…”

  1. i am here. i sent you an email a few days ago to let you know all was ok. guess i just have not had too much to say. i do check in on you every day. but you have not had much to say either. i keep waiting for a nice long email but no such luck.
    love you

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