I’m not a frail and trembling flower

And you’d be surprised how many flowers grow around a Coal terminal!

This still life is brought to you by my newest pair of safety boots which are now significantly dirtier!

The male factor has raised it’s head with one of my older men being remarkably difficult today. But he was all bluster – nothing nasty!!! However the inevitable “Who the hell do you think you are, coming down here telling us what to do?” with the subext of “short female” in there, was one of the throw away lines…

The other news is I found what killed my USB drive – the magnets that are part of the drive train that runs the conveyor that carries the coal from the trains along the stockyard and out into the shiploaders on the jetty.

Otherwise, my face and hands are literally coal black when I get back to my office – I understand why Eliza Doolittle makes such a point about saying that  “washed my face and ‘ands afore I came, I did!”

It’s not hard living here – I’m in a neat little cottage – with a view… and aircraft noise 🙂

The crocheting is continuing, the RRs, the laceweight gown and there’s only a month to go until the GReek Crochet Games!

Hugs to you all from someone who needs a shower!



~ by SB&C on June 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m not a frail and trembling flower”

  1. looks like you found yourself another avatar! take care with that coal dust!

  2. So when are we going to see some pictures of your crocheting?

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