One of the things that you get to deal with in Australia is possums.

On the roof.

Possums are nocturnal.

And for the last few nights the colony of possums here at our Sandy Toothbrush house have been doing what possums do best.

Trying to make little possums.

And quite often this is accompanied by protests that various possums do not feel like making little possums right now. And then there are disagreements about who should be making the little possums with whom.

And this has been going on at length.

Last night I went out with Jorge…


and captured our villians in mid swear


It’s Saturday, and the end of my third week here in amongst the Coal Dust. I’m still very tired at the end of the day – possums not withstanding and it doesn’t feel right to be this tired. I’m flying home on Thursday (Uh… M_F – could you turn the Leckie Blanky on for me?) will be home about 8.

In terms of the work.. the company I now belong to is far bigger, and much more organised. I liaise on one portion of the contract with two contractors (doing very much the same role that our friend the Small Elderly Safety Officer) and I note that the steel fabricating company has two Older Gentlemen (think the two old Grumps from The Muppet Show) doing what I was trying to do at TB G. One is a sweetheart and I thought I was going to make him cry yesterday when I commended him on the tidiness of the worksite.

The Other one is full of bluster and has told me how much he detests me.

Deep breath in… Deep breath out.  In the spirit of being grateful for everything, I am actually quite amazed how I was able to go for an hour with a Silly Old Man being twittish and not even raise my voice.

There are some more similarities between TB G and TB Coal, especially in terms of the incidents that they have been incurring. One of the most notable differences is that the workers seem much brighter and have a higher morale. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that they don’t live in a camp and have more to do than get drunk at night.

I’m still finding it odd to have a 2bedroom little unit and having to cook for myself everynight. Tonight’s dinner was omellette with cherry tomatoes and snow peas. Theres’ a lamb steak defrosting for tomorrow night.

So I’m going to pick up the pile of strips that I’m trying to edge for Arcadia’s Hatchling’s Strip Ghan and go to bed… 8 hours before my Alarm goes off…

Good night and hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on June 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “J’Accuse!”

  1. i always thought opposums were supopsed to be cute? that ones a ugly little sucker!!!
    atleast you still get to go home. maybe you need to get yourself to a doctor? hmmmmm?

  2. Shall sort out warm issues for you. Bit more information please..how long will you be canberraring etc. I’m home on Friday. There are two mogs who might enjoy some company, let alone feeding, after Sunday…I’m sure Pfen already has RSPCA on speed dial.
    You should sleep better at TB C – here at night you only have to deal with kangaroos, and they can’t get onto the roof!
    Like your photos.
    See you Thursday.

  3. Well I think the possum is cute! Cuter than the ones around here! Are you drinking enough water and taking vitamins and what not? That will make you feel not-so-hot!

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