Warping People’s Minds (and Happy Birthday to Elaine !)

Hi Elaine!  i’m eating Apricots in Brandy in your honour!


Today was a middling sort of day : high on the Getting Patronised Scale, Low on the Tolerance.  Old men. that’s where I’m going to leave it.

I trotted out the new version of the Site Safety Induction and it was tolerably well received. The strangest concept for them was that investigations are carried out to find out how you survived this time (or not… as the case may be) and not to throw blame. Sometimes I would like to put the idiot in public stocks and throw rotten tomatoes at them for being so sodding stupid but I’m pretty sure that the Queensland Workplace health and Safety Regulations have clauses about that.

My contractors – concreters and steel workers have made it through their fourth day on the trot without damaging themselves. As we found out back in March, when it was a daily litany of carnage, this is worth being proud of.

 Tomorrow night we move into what is known as a “Shutdown”, one of the conveyors that ferry the coal from the stockyard out to the strings will be turned completely over to be worked on. Extra people are hiired and it’s a scramble to get it all done. Bonuses if they do!

So that was my day – relatively quiet. I did have some good photos this morning to show you but I have managed to leave Jorge tucked under my desk…..

And it’s getting close to my bedtime so I really will have to pickup my crocheting (28 squares out of 49 req) and head to bed!

Love to you all!!




~ by SB&C on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Warping People’s Minds (and Happy Birthday to Elaine !)”

  1. Old Men must like living dangerously (or they don’t know you very well yet, do they)!!
    So do SMBs – who tonight munched up a donkey leg! Can I borrow those stocks when you’re done with them…

  2. Aw, thank you!

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