What sort of Control Measure would “Group Hugs” be?

Today was a mixed day. But mixed in a shading to good with a slight leaning towards bemusing.

Firstly, this morning – which started off looking like this:

Sunrise over a coal yard. Not bad, huh?

After taking the photos and going to the morning prestart meeting where two worker had owies from yesterday to be looked at and sympathised with, I headed out on my walking rounds. On the list of questions that I was asked (they’re all still not sure about me) was which team I would be barracking for in tonight’s Third State of Origin Rugby Match.

This, is Important.

I am not the world’s hugest Rugby fan. For all that I actually played in the Royal Australian Navy’s first ever Women’s Rugby Side (and no… I don’t “play for my own team”, if you get my drift) Secondly, I’m not from a state that actually fields a team and thirdly, I’m in Queensland, who does and the series is tied at one all.  My “home” team, if I were to pick a team to support, the Canberra Raiders has an interesting issue when it comes to the State of Origin – usually the players are split 50-50 QLD and NSW, and it has been known that both Maroon and Blue (the states) captains usually wear Canberra jerseys.

So my diplomatic answer has been that I watch (which I actually will not be as I’m tired and I want to sleep as long as possible tonight) because it will always be a great game, no matter who wins.

That said, I am wearing a blue scrunchie today.

My walk also included trying to prevent two very busy workers from burning the place down. Coal. Coal Terminal. Coal BURNS. So does grass. Oxy-cutting in long grass growing around a post in the middle of coal… You seeing it?

I spent the afternoon in a training session looking at the Hazard Control Measures (Elimination, Substitution, Engineering, Administration and Personal Protective Equipment) where the trainer placed an emphasis on Stress as a hazard in the Workplace (maybe he should go to TB G ?) And the scenario that we were given was draft a work method statement for the retiling of a Backpackers’ Hostel’s Dining Room such that the Dining Room could keep functioning.

Personnally I liked the idea of closing it and serving pizzas for three days and advertising it as a feature but I was told that wasn’t allowed. Nor was using backpackers as slave labour.


Anyhoo. It’s Wednesday night of the second week which means one important thing.

We’re flying tomorrow.

And going south for the weekend.

Crochet to show you tomorrow night!  And how strong can I be… yarn shopping on Friday?????

Hugs to you all!!!




~ by SB&C on July 2, 2008.

One Response to “What sort of Control Measure would “Group Hugs” be?”

  1. GORGEOUS picture!! Have a safe trip!!

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