Have you heard the Fairytale where the Handsome Prince turned into a Toad?

In my semi Fairytale existence that makes Snow White’s lifestyle look like every princess’s dream (Hey – she only had to deal with 7 miners!!!) there has been one aspect that I have alluded to but not provided a great deal of commentary on.


Since today saw an almighty zap in an already fractured story, I thought well.. it was time to share it with you.

Firstly.. in honour of his background and my own studies, I considered writing it out in a 4GL programming language (assigning values for Confusion, sorting statements for truth but I think I get a “divide by zero” error. Thank you, Redo From Start) however…

Once a upon a time….

I met someone. 

And I have to say I thought he was pretty fantastic. He was smart. He was funny. He didn’t seem to mind that I was smart. And we could talk. And he actually had something to say.

And I couldn’t believe it.

And more than anything else…. I actually *liked* him.

But at the point in the story when you like to have the significant music start playing… he disappeared.

He kept promising to call back.. but never did. When we finally did meet up.. and establish a dinner date, I thought great, I just liked the idea of spending time with him.

And all day on that Tuesday, he sent flirty text messages until.. about lunchtime. And then he stopped.

And wouldn’t answer the phone. Wouldn’t respond to email.

I spoke with him about 5.30 and no… he had a prior engagement. No sorry.. just had something more important to do. He’ll call me.

And never did.

And so I flew back to TB G the next day… hoping that maybe he’d call… and nope.

There’s only so many times you can text or call someone without getting a reply before you start feeling like a stalker and so, you take the hint.

After two months of moving through the range of feeling stupid that someone like him would even consider me for longer than fifteen minutes and being angry that he couldn’t even be bothered to say “Hey look at the time..” the catchphrase we’d joked about. He got in touch.. but then… wouldn’t answer calls again.

Occaisional email…

And today, after waving M_F and F_F off at the airport (they’re heading north for a week’s holiday), I went to one of my favourite spots in Canberra. (Ok.. to reassure F_F : I went home and exchanged his Mercedes for M_F’s less culturally and financially significant Toyota first)

And I walked into…


but to add another crack in the mirror – the point to note is who he was with.

A seriously adorable little girl perched on his shoulders.

 Introduced as his daughter.

I suspect that she answers many of the questions I have wondered about him for a while.

And probably, opens up a few more.

I know you read this from time to time, so I’ll say this:

I have no problems dealing with the fact that you’re someone’s Daddy. It’s what you are to that someone’s Mummy, that’s the biggest issue.

dot dot dot

Anyway.  I had a quiet day though I did indulge myself a little.

My photography, I think, has been improving steadily. Jorge has helped enormously and I’m now going on hunting expeditions to snap.

And more artistic:


But there is a limit to what you can do when you’re juggling a Nikon D80 with a 18-200mm Lens.

And our beloved but much beat-up Sony Cybershot is just not quite hitting the mustard.


I went to visit our friends at Domayne and I treated myself to a new pocket size snapperer :

Heeeee heeeee heeeee.

I also went shopping at Spotlight because I was playing Extreme Yarn Chicken with the Purple Baby Blanket I’m working on :

I bought 5 balls of the purple Honey babycrylic and I found I was getting 12 rows to a ball. I need 64 rows to make it square.

To make life more interesting, i bought the yarn at Spotlight in Cairns.

What are the chances that they have the same dye lot in a store 4000km away?


However. My luck was slightly in.

And they had… get this.

One ball of the magic Dyelot.

And to make M_F feel better… I only bought another 15 balls of yarn.

and I have been using up yarn :

It’s not quite so bright in real life but the flash picked it up. It’s a 12 point RR in pure wool, (a good yarn, but not great. The good part: it comes in nice colours, it’s pure washable wool and 100gms for $3.99 is great – it’s just not as Good as some of the 100% wools that are around.) once I’ve done the blue, we’re going back to the white, the green, the varigated and then back out to the pink and a border.


 A mixed day  that really makes me believe my life would be so much more fun if was happening to someone else.

hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on July 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Have you heard the Fairytale where the Handsome Prince turned into a Toad?”

  1. oh no not again!!!!???
    well you are better off. there is someone out there just give it time!

  2. Oh <> Girl!! That is so hard! And yeah, I think he is definitely a toad.

    I’m giggling though … at your reference to Snow White and her 7 miners!! I had this image of you as a “Orange” dressed Snow White with MANY miners!! Hahahah!!!

    LOVE your pictures … I have a ton of digi’s I need to post to my blog. I have been taking pictures of old courthouses on our trips … LOVE old buildings. But I haven’t had the chance to get them organized!!!

    LOVE your star afghan. I am working on one similar to the one that is on the Annie’s Attic website. Hot pink, lime green, purple, yellow, and white … it is bright … but it is for a BRIGHT little girl!!!

  3. I love your site. Its very much like our site at http://crafttutorials.net you could also post with us if you are interested.



  4. You are better off! You dont need that type of BS!

    Pictures are great!!! Love the RR!

  5. […] reminds me.  My Panasonic Lumix, that I bought not quite a year ago (yes… I remember that day….) suffered a bit of a breakdown and has been sent for warranty repairs.  This left me with a bit of a […]

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