I think, I blinked.

I flew back north on Monday morning, very early, amongst Kangaroos on the road and very little sleep.

The grind of alarms going off in the darkness, morning pre-starts and days where I try to get in and talk to as many people as possible ticked by so quickly, and at the same time so slowly that there needs to be a new measure for it.

New little camera is turning out quite nicely though!

The best part that as he does fit into my breast pocket, I can pull him out when I need him. Very useful for our favourite rearview shots.

(my other thought is: every time I see the gentleman from last weekend, I buy a new camera… hmmmm)

On the crochet front, the 12 point RR has grown the extra set of points to turn it into a 24 pointer and is about 3 rows from being finished. And…. to celebrate it’s status of moving (nearly…) from a WIP to a FW! i went yarn shopping at the chain store that does carry yarn (The Spotlight here in TB M was washed out by floods about 3 months ago, they’re reopening next week.) and only went a little crazy. They have this great alpaca mohair blend, I bought enoguh for two afghanbs, in a burgundy and green. The girl at the cashier nearly died.

Anyway – a long week, no really horrible things have happened, and the specialist crew we have in at present have been working better than any crew I’ve met yet. Unlike another work group I was caring for today, who left a toolbag on a conveyor and tried to feed it to a ship waiting out on the berth.

Yeah. Very apologetic they were too.


In other news… we are not going home this weekend on break, I’ve decide to stay here and show you life in a Northern Queensland town…. And right now : have to go, Pirates of Carribbean 3 is own (Hey ho, haul together, hoist the colours…)

Love and hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on July 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “I think, I blinked.”

  1. Ooh, cool shot!

    Lack of horribleness is a good thing. Yes.
    Take care!

  2. Hi
    Glad it was a reasonable week – and I like the photos the new camera takes.

    We’re home from warmer climes and all cats present and accounted for. A few messes to clean up, but otherwise AIIO.
    Hope this is also a reaasonable week!
    The figures

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