Nothing makes the average Safety Adviser’s heart beat faster than a phone call with a sad/panicked voice.

My morning commute, not as bad as the 220 odd kms to Tb 3 is still a 40km drive in the dark. I’m either part of a carpool or like this weekend, a white Ute. This morning was wet and trying to fumble my palm pilot out whilst piloting a vehicle in wet darkness at 100kph was fun enough but at the other end – we had a problem.

From the photos, you will have noticed that the World of Coal is located right on the beach. Beach means coastline. Coastline means wildlife. Specifically, birds.

We have a Sea Eagle nest. and there has been some issues with birds versus the tower cranes.

Nothing sadder than a construction worker handing over a feather.

And this morning, the victim was a Tawny Frogmouth

And it was very sad.

Tawny Frogmouths are not actually an owl, but have very similar characteristics. This one was crashed in one of the drains, still fluttering but with a wing that shouldn’t look like that.

My boss and I sliding down a coal filled drain in the dark, tossing my jersey over the bird while he grabbed it with Welders Gauntlets. Once the bird was in the box, wrapped in navy blue polar fleece, I made the drive back to the local city to try and find a vet. The Wildlife rescue people having been a little less than awake when I called them.

My instincts, honed from years of having horses, said vets near racetracks.

And I found one who actually was very keen on birds.

But the damage to his left wing was too much, and so the 2kg owl was put to sleep.

The workgroup were actually noticeably saddened by the news. Big tough construction workers staring at their boots.

Otherwise, I’m sitting on my couch in my little house, working on Avatar III. And for the people who come here looking for patterns for Earnets for Horses…. I’ll have a go at putting on together for you…


Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on July 13, 2008.

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