My weekend to WIP

A very long week, and the fact I haven’t posted for a week has been a great indicator of how tired I am at the end of the day.

I have made a fairly big decision this week, and it involves a lot of things, including my ongoing battle with negative waves, Toads, tiredness and Plan Woolly. Please watch this space.

My project did acheive a significant goal this week: The final piece of the conveyor gallery was lifted into place which means that a $76million project is over the most significant hump. Also means I can walk from ground level to 11 stories up to take my sunrise photos.

Because I am one of the only women on site who wears Safety Orange, the office girls wear chambray corporate shirts (I do too, if I’m feeling lazy about the washing) and the office girls are always curious about what I’ve been doing when I come in, covered in coal sludge; I took them out for a walk on Thursday morning.

thats : Me, Heidi, Mandy, Lisa (who is very newly pregnant) and Mel. All remarkably happy to be wearing Orange and a long way up.

But this was my weekend off, and in order to live up to the “crochet” part of our name, I decided to dedicate myself to finishing a few pieces. I’m not sure if its a good sign that both my wrists hurt.


Firstly, I finished the Round Ripple:

I have definitely learnt a lot about the RR pattern doing this one. Including the necessity to count the number of points you start with. This RR was supposed to be 12 – 24. If you count… it’s 13-26.

Yah… I should have made the centre bigger too.

And I have learnt better techniques for expanding the points and then there’s that rolled chain border.

It’s… the first row was easy.. working out how to do the second and third repeats was .. I’m surprised I have any hair left.

Anyway – we survived, I like that border and love the colours in that RR.

Then I turned my attention to Avatar Afghan in Mohair, Version 3. I have to say, that it’s possibly one of the drabbest looking afghans I’ve ever made:

But it actually has it’s own charm. The greens and the browns are somewhere between the colour pallette for Woodland Elves “This year’s Spring Fashions” and Defence Camouflage choices. For those who like to know – this is 10 balls of Panda’s Lily in the Green blend. Lily is a longstranded Alpaca blend (118m per 50g)  sold through Big W (the only place available to buy yarn here in Mackay) for $3.29 a ball, so the afghan works out pretty cheaply!

Something I found quite remarkable was that the varigations actually fluked in at almost exactly row length. Don’t know how I managed that one! the trick was to match one end of a ball with the next one to use. It’s one of those things that makes me adore using varigated yarns rather than force the issue by using different colours.


Having finished dreaming in shades of grass, new leaves, eucalytpus and bark (and peeling off a fuzzy face mask), I wanted to use up some yarn and chenille (which didn’t work the way I had hoped) and I started one of those “have always wanted to try projects” – the Half Moon Shawl.

A project I thought I could get my teeth into.

Boom Boom.

And – i played with the pattern a tiny bit and hey, presto!! I ran out of yarn.

Going back to get more from Yarn Bee this week. (Bamboo/acrylic blend)

And so, my attention has turned to the oldest of the UFOS – the fabled Laceweight Merino Christening Gown.

Yes, it’s nearly a year old, and I have not finished it.

but I have put another repeat on tonight. And it’s one of two projects I have packed to go to another hotel for the week (due to a double booking here at my little beachside house), the rest of the Travelling Stash is sitting in the Manager’s flat. So I will be forced to work on it, and the Feathersoft squares.

 And Sheeshk, it’s hard to go back to working with a 1mm hook after using a 6.5mm to do the Elvish Green Afghan, doing the tiny 5chains and SC made me wish for magnifying glasses. Hopefully I’ll have more to show you this week.

To sign off for the weekend, I have finally got photographic evidence of the existence of a long suspected monster believed to have been lurking in our backyard in TB C. This fabled beast, as mystical as the Loch Ness Monster, has left tantalising signs (mostly chomped rosebuds and … poo) in the grass and terrifies the bejeepers out of the mogs.

Our guest photographer (codename Father_figure) managed, using the hightech medium of his mobile phone, to capture a photograph of the elusive creature:

Yep – proof that we have kangaroos in our backyard.

Suburban Canberra.

For my next trick – being home with Jorge and getting a DECENT shot.

that’s it – promise to try and be more frequent with the updates this week!

Love and hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on July 20, 2008.

One Response to “My weekend to WIP”

  1. oh my she said the nasty “a” word!!! whats up with that?
    glad to see you back. please share future plans – waiting impatiently.

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