In which I get silly

Ok.. sillier.

I spent all most all of today out in the drizzle. You know the kind of weather where it’s trying to decide whether to rain or dry up, and so it’s doing both at once?

Yep… someone forgot to hire sunshine for the week.

As a result…I have gone fluffy.

And silly.


I’m at another seaside villa, sharing with a nice lady called Elaine who knits but is at present watching Smallville.

The squares I’m decked in is the Feathersoft Squares Baby Blanket.  It’s definitely progressing. Hopefully the hatchling it’s for won’t make an appearance before it’s finished… or M_F’s Eeyore is more than a muzzle and three limbs.

and for Kris – yes… sometimes I acknowledge the “a” word in crocheting…. but only when it’s mixed with something…like bamboo!

On the Safety Front…. Today featured the dismantling of a 200tonne crane. Into 23 pieces that require a separate large truck to relocate it to either Mt Isa (one of the chief mining sites in Australia) or back south to Gladstone.

In true “Would you believe ?” form, the segments, when loaded on trucks were 23cm too high to go under the only bridge between TB M and Mt Isa.

Even if you let the tyres down.

So we went back to the drawing board (despite my question whether the segments were square or rectangular – so could we flip them over?  There was momentary hope, tape measures dangling from Elevated Work Platforms… and no.. Square) and with strategic use of a gas axe and the brackets.

How many trucks should have departed by 5pm?


How many actually left the gate?


On top of that I spoke with the truckies about the price of fuel in Australia… The costs are becoming increasingly prohibitive and .. there’s also the issue of whether the diesel is actually available for the long distance haulers in the remote locations to refuel.

Wonder what would happen if the truckies were to strike? Could you imagine – if Toll Transitions or Patricks Stevedores, one of the major transporters in the country plus Truck drivers generally refused to operate?

Fuel deliveries, FOOD deliveries halted until the politicians actually did something about the price of Unleaded petrol and diesel.

It’s something I don’t get – the Australian dollar is on a 25+year high, the price of Singapore’s ULP has dropped (that’s the benchmark for our fuel prices) and so.. why is fuel so high?


I do understand that we need to find alternative fuel strategies and I wholeheartedly endorse them however pinching money from less welloff families doesn’t work.


Thats a very political flavour to tonight’s blog.

Time for me to churn out another two squares!

Goodnight and Hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “In which I get silly”

  1. Love your silliness! I get a little bit of rain cabin fever too, but I suspect that you’d get it a bit more out there.

    Bel (I drink cups of tea)

    (P.s. Once my tax return comes in, Bendigo will be getting a large order 🙂 )

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