Situation : Normal

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting as regularly over the past few weeks (apart from the Telstra connection issues) is how depressingly SAME my life is here amongst the world of Coal. Each day is like the one before it, with fewer and fewer incidents. Which is supposedly good!  And due to the hours I’ve been working, crochet as been somewhat on the back burner. Which doesn’t leave much to talk about in a blog about safety and crochet.

To complicate matters – despite all the lurgies we’ve lived through earlier this year, AND getting a flu shot, I still managed to pick up another sore throat leading to fevers plus snotty nose and general death.

So that took out two days of my week. And even when I did go back to work on Thursday, my boss said I looked so awful that I shouldn’t be there…  So Friday – which was my legit day off was a very quiet day.

The good news was that I found a Handicrafts Store!!! here in Mackay, the usual Yarn / Craft Store Spotlight suffered in the huge floods that nearly washed Mackay away in February has been closed for repairs. I found a small but friendly and well-stocked place called Needleworx ( and remember how I said I was being strong and resisting the temptation to abandon the yarnier projects for the lure of shiny thread?

Yeah.. call me Weak.

 This is an angel in need of stiffening and assembly.

I also have developed an abnormal affection for my 1.25mm hook. Not sure why but in making this angel with Size 20 thread, and then another one (which I’m not going to show you, due to her impending show career)  but the nice people at Needleworx seemed impressed. Not only because I went back twice. As a hint:


where was I? Oh 1.25mm hook!

It’s working like a champ:

So my weekend : which included a Sunrise

has been very very quiet , mostly :

but it is important to announce that Mother_figure (who has been notably quiet recently 0.0) has lost the battle to try and make the Eeyore prior to the arrival of the intended recipient of Eeyore.

Jack Zielinski made his appearance on 30 July 08 – a very healthy happy baby:


So on that note, I shall wish you all a good night. Hugs to you all!!



~ by SB&C on August 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Situation : Normal”

  1. Here I am! You need to get away from coal dust and come to the land of kangaroos on the doorstep and freezing frosts which kill germs.

    I have been quiet because my evenings have been taken up wrassling donkey legs! Have now made (or unpicked and remade) 5! This is a 3 eared, 5 legged eeyore in the making. A Chernobyl eeyore perhaps…

    Love your angel and the sunset.

  2. Hey Manda! Cute baby! and gorgeous sunset! Sometimes boring and same are good! Glad to see you are ok! I hope you are feeling better! Hugs!

  3. LOVE the angel! Did you design the pattern? She’s gorgeous! Your talent with the crochet hook totally amazes me. I’m lucky if I can work a single crochet edging. Lovely stuff!


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