Cinderella gets to go to the Ball

There are supposed to be photos with this post and there will be… just as soon as the computer, my camera and the *right* USB cable all find themselves together.

In keeping with the magikal (and yes, I meant to spell it that  way ) life of Safety Orange, and in order to fracture yet another fairytale (hey, we’ve lived with the miners, kissed Handsome Princes that turned decidedly into toads – next thing you know : i’ll be answering the voice who says ‘” Who’s that trip-trotting over my bridge?”) and I got a *VERY* short notice invitation to go to a fundraising ball on Saturday night.

This presented a problem.

Due to an unforeseen lack of friendly fairy Godmothers, and a complete absence of Bibbity-Bobbity Boo, this Cinderella (and dear God – I was covered in Coal grime) had to make a mad dash to put together an ensemble – sans magic wand. I didn’t do too badly.

This also is in light of the number of packages that are populating the spare room (not all yarn. Well… mostly yarn. It’s me.. of course it’s yarn. But sometimes I buy clothes too. oh.. and there’s probably horse clothes in there too…. 🙂 )   

Found Black applique’d and chiffon dress for price that wasn’t evil. Convinced the Lingerie store lady to stay open for an extra five minutes to buy scary Bridget Jones Tummy-squishing pants (Lycra – it’s not just for triathletes) and then escorted her to her car as she was concerned about walking back at that time of day due to a number of local undesirables. I had the Bad Dog voice ready to go.

Saturday saw a mad bolt to the local shopping mall (Canelands. What else do you call a shopping centre in the middle of the sugarfields?)  The spoils of that haul included a pair of semi bling Black heels (not too high due to a tendency to ankle topple) and a matching bag. Bling for hair, neck and wrist. I had my Defence Force Academy Signet Ring for fingers and then, then, I went looking for a shawl.

And this was where the hunt went a little awry.

Typical me.    

It’d be like me not putting a “HOWEVER” in What Not To Crochet.

I mean… I’m fast with the hook, but not even me could throw together a black shawl in 4 hours.

I went to all the dress shops. Nothing. Nada.

Not a black… or silver.. or white… or purple… shawl to be found.

Small crisis. (If you’ll permit me, a small, economical four cylinder, three door, manual with suede velour seats, CD stacker and frangipani stickers on the rear window and decals on the back saying this, is a small Crisis.)

I knew that it was going to be cold and I dislike the cold (more on that shortly) and I wasn’t heading out to the Daffodil Ball in just spaghetti straps.

I widened my search criteria. Black Fabric. Need a length of Black shiny fabric. Spotlight is DEAD. RIP.

And so I widened my hunting ground. Homeware stores.

And after slight more maddening panic, hey presto (in the $2 shop!)  I found: Organza Tab Top Curtains. 180cm drop, 115cm wide and just perfect. Bit of Shimmer, plenty to wrap myself in… just needed to hack off the tab tops.

I felt a bit silly accepting complements for my wrap. And my hair, for a change, also played the game.

But the Ball was fun – and in a good cause : Cancer Research.

<insert photo of me in glam ball gown pulling silly face *here*>

it did however take up the time I had allocated to my Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Project.

For those who don’t know: mad crocheters round the world are participating in an event to challenge their skills. There are teams (I’m part of Team Filet – dear God, help me...) testing out their abilities in Afghans, own designs maximum number of Granny Squares people can make.  For my part I have used (before it died AGAIN) Sandcastle design’s Filet Software and designed a piece that commemorates ANZAC Day. And I’m not as far through it as I would like to be.

In other news.

Mother_figure who reports Massive Eeyore failure (5 legs, 3 and half ears, and a tail) also called to provide commentary on the weather in Canberra (there is a reason for this) and rather gleefully she stated “SCHNEE!!” .

It is snowing. In the Australian Capital. In August.

And I…. (this is the big announcement) am moving home next Friday.

Or maybe not.

The other major news item was that the mythical beast caught on digital by Father_figure has taken up nightly room and board on the back porch. M_F is now feeding said Kangarooster.

The Man in My Life. Some of you may remember a small person who was born this time last year as I was making the evening run in from Toothbrush 3, in the Northern Territory. Small person is a whole 1 today. Happy Birthday to Sebastian who provided his opinion on the matter last night:  “BAH!” *drawers rattling* whilst his mother and I were talking on the phone.

And another birthday – to Alex Ormaechea!! Alex has this way of making me feel older than the hills 🙂

Once upon a time Alex O was a very skinny young Seaman Boatswain’s Mate on board a ship I was serving in as an Officer of the Watch. He has now grown older (and .. more solid – sorry Alex, couldn’t resist) and has married and now has a beautiful beautiful daughter, Bella. Alex O (no, not the other one M_F) was one of the few people from my “old” life that I told where I was running away to.


So that’s it for the day.

And nearly for my time amongst the coal.

There is a plan for what’s next. Something that threatens to change it again but.. hey. We’re flying home through Brisbane to make a few visits on the weekend and then … we’re taking up reseidence at Plan Woolly Version B. Think you’re going to love it.

Especially Kris and her girls!






~ by SB&C on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Cinderella gets to go to the Ball”

  1. well you could have warned me that your were done with coal dust!!!
    kassie wants to know if there is any horsey cloths for her?
    and cinderella is your other neices favorite right now! everything is cinderelly cinderelly cinderelly – so i had a good chuckly with your post today because its just so her! she just turned three – yes you missed it – and everything was disney princess! gotta luv it!
    scary times right now though!
    talk soon?
    ps hi m_f!!!!!

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