What you can do in a week

If you don’t do very much else:

I have made my thoughts on filet known before. I like the precision, I like the opportunity to work with thread but I find many of the designs to be somewhat *urky* .

Part of the

Challenge was to select a project and then, starting at the opening ceremony and completing it before the flame goes out, crochet your little heart out.

I have wanted to do a Filet piece for a while.. and I enjoy designing patterns that I know I will never have time to make but… as I had this week to myself – no more coal, no more safety boots for a while, I was able to get through far more DCs than are reasonable.

And I am finished the main section. I am still thinking about what I want to do with the border….

But I really do have sore hands and at present, the yarniest thing I am capable of doing is packing my stuff (including the Canberra Stash – I still have three stashes!) to move out to Plan Woolly Version B.

Which is…

I wasn’t able to buy Lanoak – for a number of reasons, including the question of whether i would be able to build on the property. So… What I have found is a new option…

Renting seemed like a bit of an option but still not perfect. And I was moving back to Canberra, and I don’t know many people (yes.. Arcadia and her family.. and … some crocheters….) Arcadia also pointed out that I have never lived with a friend, only a shipload of other Navy people or .. miners…

So.. I found a property owned by someone who was looking for someone else to share it with her.

It’s not far from Arcadia’s place. It’s not the best quality grazing but there’s some things I can do to fix that!

But of course… I can have ponies.

And to make Toni laugh :

See – a Donkey in need of a Shrek!!

And to make the point about how cold it is here (as opposed to the blissful warmth of the Northern Territory)

and to (mis)quote William Wordsworth: I thought I saw a host of frozen daffodils

Yes – they are frozen solid.

Frozen Daffodils. Not good.

I do apologise for the silence of the last weeks, i am still fighting the lurgy from hell M_f has been leaving the cough syrup on my laptop as a hint… And I am feeling a bit unsure about what comes next…

*hugs to you all*


~ by SB&C on August 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “What you can do in a week”

  1. That will do, Donkey. That will do!

  2. well its about time we heard from you!
    great job on the filet

  3. Hi There, Still LMAO… Luv Toni

  4. The filet looks amazing! I hope this sharing venture works out for you! Love the donkey! ha!

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