Did I ever?

It’s been a little over a year.. since I started this blog.

There’s been over 100,000 visits. Far more than I ever thought would ever stop by. Some of whom come because they are searching for the strangest things.


 Apple cores.

Babies have been born. People have died .. and been killed.

I’ve driven far more kilometres, and many different vehicles than I ever thought possible. My big Landcruiser Daffy, the dependable Hilux Utes, the Silver Landcruiser and the White Landcruiser, brother to the one that rolled in October. The Dump Trucks, the Graders and Dozers, the huge excavators.

And now… I’m somewhere that feels a world away from the red dust of the Northern Territory. I am what technically counts as “home”. In the cold slopes of the Southern Highlands that join the Australian Capital Territory.

There is frost on the ground, the soil here is grey, the grass is grey and the trees still havent regained their leaves. I didn’t wear safety boots to work today- neat black ankle boots under suit pants.

And it’s cold. For a year, heat exhaustion and dehydration have been the concern. Now it’s subzero temperatures and hurrying between car to buildings so my nose doesn’t freeze.

My horses were glad to see me. My special whistle – one long, 2 short pips Morse D if you know the code.

brings Isobel , my black TB mare, and Sonntag, my Appaloosa running.

i had missed the way that Sonn likes to hang her head over my shoulder.

Isobel always liked to scan me to see what might be in a pocket. Licorice, for preference.

I have plans for my horses. To get back into serious competitive riding. Need to find a partner for dressage and showing. Something smaller than Sonn….

Being on the farm is it’s own set of differences – the frosty mornings, getting up at 0620, as opposed to the screeching alarm at 04somethinghorrible. Remembering to park my Green car facing east so the sunrise can blow the frost off the windscreen.

Crocheting in the evening is focusing on the Laceweight Merino Christening Gown. And I am getting on with it. To spread out the fans and increase the lace effect as it gets longer, I’ve gone up a hook size.  It’s still only on the 13th repeat of the skirt patterning though. I am hoping to have it finished for Canberra Royal Show 2009.

I am going to keep up with the blog – though maybe I should rename it “Ridingbootsandcrochet”??


Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on August 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Did I ever?”

  1. You better keep up with the blog!! Hugs!

  2. Congratulations on being able to live Plan Wooly version B! I am envious. So what are you doing these days to be able to feed yourself and your horses if not safety?

  3. Welcome back to the cold. I, too, am renting on the outskirts of Canberra and will have my horses back soon. My little place has an indoor arena!!!!! Hope to catch up with you …

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