Plan Woolly Version 2 – takes a leap forward

Under the heading of “Me, Life and the Getting Thereof”, and the Road to Plan Woolly, there’s a dotpoint about Alpacas.

Stop getting ahead of me here.

Just for that..

 I’m going to tell you about my non-Safety Boot wearing employment. It’s somewhat 9-5 ish. I’m on a crusade to bring punctuation to the Public Service.  I’m thinking of writing a service paper: “Commas. There’s no budget limit” which I will follow up with: “The Colon and Semi Colon deconflicted” . Dear God. Punctuation and the use of nouns as verbs. *shiver*.

I also have the fun of a 35minute commute, including traffic lights (did I ever tell you there were no traffic lights at TB G?) at which I pull the Laceweight Christening gown out of it’s protective Ziploc bag and get a few stitches in.

The Gown has actually made progress (Hah! I say after over a year of working on it) and I am now on my 17th iteration of the shell pattern that forms the skirt. This means on the average 3month old, the skirt would be about… hip length. It is, however, and I say this not with the blinded eye of the creator, but with all honesty, going to be quite something.

If I can ever get it finished.

Because, as my more regular readers may have noticed: I have competing interests for my time.

Which bringeth me back to the Alpacas.

On Saturday, i went with Horse-Approver-In-Chief David, (who is, before ANYONE) gets their hopes up, significantly younger than me, to look at a Grey Thoroughbred gelding as a possible “project” pony. Unfortunately, the gelding has a left fore that points towards his off-fore in a BAD way and so I declined the offer to ride him. Shame though as he was a sweet boy who could have done with a few more meals.

What they also had, was two caramel-coloured Alpaca males, who are in somewhat less than optimal condition. Their feet are awful and they have not been shorn in 4 years. Nor have they been handled. David the HAIC proving to be almost as a soft touch as Mother_figure commenced the haggling process.

Long story short – going back to collect them next week! And I better learn how to spin.

And that’s it for tonight – I will be better about blogging (and I’ll write it out 100 times….)

Hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on September 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Plan Woolly Version 2 – takes a leap forward”

  1. Alpacas!!!! How awesome! I am sure you won’t have any problem learning to spin! Its pretty easy! (I knit at traffic lights too!)

  2. Oh wow, I’m so envious! They sound gorgeous 🙂 I’d love to keep Alpacas.

    Enelya +++

  3. Oh!!! Spinning alpaca is so wonderful! The fleece requires very little prep…however they do enjoy a good roll in the dirt, so washing is a must. And they are such sweet creatures.

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