Nothing says busy like 80 star pickets

And if you remember my wonderously tall friend Guy – Guy, I promise I will never ever ever invite you over again and be putting up fences at the same time.

The news for the (ahem) week is that I am living out amongst the kangaroos, getting a reasonable amount of crocheting done (the gown continues to grow -and I have even taken photos which I shall post at some point). In preparation for actually having ponies to ride at the same place I live, I have now got a reasonably respectable paddock laid out. This was followed by dooming a number of trees that needed thinning out to become corner posts and not being assisted in any of my outdoor work by the dogs.

At least Raffiki’s whiskers have grown back now…

My cooking skills whilst not mad, are improving. I can do a damn decent pasta sauce thing and I have to say I am enormously fond of eggplant.

The search for my own place is also taking some steps forward and then every now and then a step back.

I hope to be able to show you something concrete.. one of these days.


And the alpacas have not yet arrived due to a number of factors including Weather, weather and being involved in handserving a mare. Nice chocolate brown Australian Stock horse Stallion. Sweet Chestnut mare.

1+1= patter of tiny hooves in 11 months.

That’s it for me – I hope all of you are well and I shall be better about posting soon!

*hugs to you all*


~ by SB&C on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “Nothing says busy like 80 star pickets”

  1. I just read an old post of yours on being a woman in the mining industry. I work as a student advisor for women at a community college in the Northwest of the US. I will be passing along your comments to the ladies in the career and life planning classes. Many of them will make great crane operators, diesel mechanics, etc. Your words are spot on for what they need to know about being a woman in a non-traditional career – and even in a traditional one. Many Thanks for putting it so succinctly.


    Lisa B.

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