Never mentioned mud and blood and tears

I have to apologise.

I got a little sidetracked by my life.

 So the blogging has been absent. I have received emails from some of you, and you have all been in my thoughts so here goes…

Firstly.. Mud. It has now rained every single weekend since I moved out to Plan Woolly Version B. This has put an enormous dampener on the efforts I’ve made to turn it into something suited for those with hooves and them that give fleece.

Secondly.. Blood. The them that give Fleece. And this is the sad bit. But not so sad that you don’t want to hear the ending. Our two rescued Alpacas, Alfred the Larger and Alvin the Smaller, have been progressing through stages of being handled. Halters and Pedicures. It’s wonderful.

 This was great until I came home and found that one of the dogs was terrifying the Alpacas in their paddock and the Larger Alpaca made a concerted break for it.

I chased an outraged Alpaca over 200 acres for the best part of 3 hours. In dribbly rain and with a hiking boot that was trying to reject it’s sole. Call that Omenic if you like.

At dark, in the wet.. I gave up.

This was in some regards a Good Idea and in others, notoriously Bad.

The next day, when feeding Them with hooves, I realised I only had one dog with me. And then from a little way up the hill I could hear the sound of an Alpaca being mugged.

Which is “Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp” and somewhat pathetic.

And again – in semi darkness, pelting up a hill.. I found an Alpaca with an 8 inch gash across it’s left hindquarter.

And a lot of blood.

My first thought was that I didn’t have a rifle to put him down.

 And I hated a lot of things at that moment.

The only answer was to fetch my trusty Green Car, now covered in yellow dust of Gundaroo rather than the red dirt of the Northern Territory, and tried to bandage as much as I could with a roll of vetwrap.

If you want to know how to catch an Alpaca: Pillowcases.

Back down at the house, I tried to find a vet.

Point to note. its 8pm.

It’s a public holiday long weekend.

And there was a vet and his vet girlfriend in at the Vet hospital.

Which was 35km away.

At this point I would like to apologise to any motorists on the Federal Highway who were bemused by the ghostlike apparition (Alpaca with pillowcase on it’s head) visible through the rear window.

And Alvin the Alpaca was actually very good. He didn’t spit once. Just sat.

I was looking somewhat like an extra from Macbeth, roughly after the Birnam Wood and Dunsinane bit.

But Alvin survived the experience. And he is now referred to Alvin the Assaulted Alpaca.

And the other one is Alfred the Absent Alpaca who we still have to round up.

I do have some crocheting to show you… The Christening Gown has made some progress…

Photos to come later!

Tears. Do I miss the life amongst the Shiny or red dirt?

yes and no. It’s been a year since Simon was killed. I miss the things that happened in my day amongst yellow trucks. But I don’t miss some of the people.

The world amongst people who think is better.

I keep hoping that i can find a bank who will let me move to Plan Woolly Version C.

Me.. and Alfred and Alvin.

Oh.. and some ponies… but that’s for tomorrow night…

Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Never mentioned mud and blood and tears”

  1. geez…i thought you feel off the face of the earth!
    the image of you chasing said alpaca is quite amusing.
    glad to see all is well!
    lots of love

  2. I had been thinking about you a lot lately and hoping you were doing ok. Seems like you are! I am glad Alvin is ok! Hugs!!

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